West Kalimantan Goverment Have Allocated Rp 80 Billion For Sail Selat Karimata

The event of Sail Selat Karimata have only waiting for days. West Kalimantan Governor Cornelis have optimistic with this event success because the preparation from the organizer have reach 70 percents in 17 days remaining.

This have been said by Cornelis when checking the infrastructure and the area event for Sail Selat Karimata together with North Kayong Regent Hildi Hamid, West Kalimantant Public Work Agency and West Kalimantan Creative Economy and Tourism Agency.
West Kalimantan Goverment Have Allocated Rp 80 Billion For Sail Selat Karimata
“There are almost completed, next week would be finished,” said the number one man in West Kalimantan. Remembered that the sail is world class event, Cornelis have ask the support from people in North Kayong Regency to keep the hygiene and security together with visitor comfortable especially all the visitor would be dominated from foreign tourist. The tourist would be spend a lot of money for shopping so there are hoped the local product from West Kalimantan would be displayed.

“People must support, hygiene, security and comfortability of the visitor,” said Cornelis. Related to the preparation, Cornelis have explained that the main event from this sail would be held at Datok Sukadana Island’s beach.

The few thing which have been completed is the camp for visitor when the transit house for President Joko Widodo have reach 80 percents. The other infrastructure which have almost completed is road in Sukadana city along with the city development.

In this event, West Kalimantan have allocated about Rp 80 billion in West Kalimantan Regional Budget. “Although West Kalimantan have unstable financial condition today but it would be the prove from regional government in supporting this international event. The allocation is come from West Kalimantan Government Budget,” said Cornelis