To Far From Bali, Malang Tourism Want To Equal With Lombok

The Malang Regent, Rendra Kresna have revealed that he want to develop the tour destinations in the region he administer to be like Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, moreover the beach in Malang have beautiful as the beach at Bali and Lombok.

“We want to develop Malang Regency tourism sectors to be like Lombok which can become one of main destination for foreign tourist. We want to catch Bali but it feels difficult because Bali have known for years and have better tourism infrastructure than Malang. Malang itself have only known in last 10 years,” said Rendra at Malang Regent Office, East Java Sunday 24 Juli 2016.
To Far From Bali, Malang Tourism Want To Equal With Lombok
Moreover, Rendra continue that currently Malang have become one of 10 National Tourism Destinations. To realize that, Malang Regency Government have cooperate with Indonesia Tourism Development Coorporation and PT Intelegensia Grahatama.

According to Rendra, to become one of main tourism destinations, Malang Regency have good connectivity like the air transportation which supported with Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport, land transportation with railways and sea transportation using Tanjung Perak Port at Surabaya which not to far from Malang.

Rendra have said the Grand Design from the Malang Tourism have been submit to five years Regional Mid Term Development Plan or known as RJPMD. For the starting poin, development of the tourism sector in Malang will be started from Singosari and continue to all area in regency’s area.

“Our wish, tourism in Malang can more advanced than Lombok especially North Lombok which have just finished by Indonesia Tourism Development Coorporation. We have very confident that Malang have potential to become beautiful and attracted destination to compete with other destination in Indonesia,” said Rendra.

At the south area, according to Rendra, Malang have a lot of beach with access from Java South Lane and International Airport which have build at Purboyo, Bantur District. When at east part, there are Bromo Tengger Semeru and supported with village tourism at Poncokusumo District and Tumpang.

“The tourism at Malang is not have any problem to develop. We have nature tourism, religious and history heritage. Our prediction if develope well, Malang would can complete with Lombok in next 10 years,” said Rendra.

Meanwhile, The Head of Culture and Tourism Agency of Malang Regency, Made Arya Wedanthara have said that there are few beach have been targeted to developed into tourism destination. “We have make study for those beaches. The study would cover the potential of the beach like conservation beach, mangrove development area and fish production area,” said Wedanthara.

“Regent want we have complete sea tourism. The obstacles is the part of the area are the area owned by Perhutani, so in order to develop the area we have coordinating with Perhutani. We have consulted with East Java Perhutani and they have support this plan,” said Wedanthara.