Thousands People Crowded Bromo To Wait Yadnya Kasada

Thousands people have crowded Bromo Mountain area since Wednesday 20 July 2016. The people have came from various villages near The Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park have made the area become more crowded since afternoon.

The incoming of thousands people are related to the held of Yadnya Kasada Ritual which be held at Thursday 21 July 2016. The main entrance of Bromo at Ngaidsari Village, Sukapura district, Probolinggo looks busy. The visitor who coming is not only a near Bromo people but also from few region in East Java who want to see this yearly ritual.
Thousands People Crowded Bromo To Wait Yadnya Kasada
Yadnya Kasada is very attracted for tourist both of domestic or local. “Since Sunday, every hotel rooms, inn and homestay have booked. The remaining are the villas which relative have more expensive tariff,” said Ipur, one of Bromo’s tour guide.

At Lava View Cottage, the restaurant have been fulled by foreign tourist which come from many countries. Robert, the tourist from England have admitted that he come two days ago to enjoy other destinations at Bromo. “We come in 5 persons in group and very enjoy and happy with how beautiful Bromo,” said Robert.

The coming from these thousands tourist have give fortune to jeep and taxibike rent service. The hundreds of jeep have looks busy carried tourist since 3 dawn o’clock to visit hiking location to view sunrise.

At night, people have crowded Ngadasari Village Hall as the starting point of Yadnya Kasada procession. Various ritual step will be started at that village hall at 7 night o’clock. Various offerings will parade to Luhur Poten Shrine at Sand Sea.

All Tengger Tribe Shaman, elders and community from Tengger Tribe will pray at that shrine. Ahead dawn, the offerings will carried into the crater of Bromo and threw into crater. The procession of this ritual have become the attraction for tourist to visit Bromo.

Although Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Center or PVMBG have announce that Bromo in Alert status, but the ritual still held with some prohibition. “According to the recommendation about safe zone for Bromo Mountain which is in range about 1 kilometer, so the ritual participant is also prohibited to hike into crater,” said Probolinggo Head of Disaster Management Agency, Dwijoko Nurjayadi.

According to Disaster Management Agency have coordinate with Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, Regency Police Department, Military District Commando, elders and Tengger Tribe Shaman about the activity around Bromo Mountain.