This Is The Transportation Choice To Solo

Solo, the hometown from Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo have well known as one city with a lot of tourism destination can be visited by tourist. One of the destinations is Pasar Gede which a center of Solo traditional culinary can be enjoyed from morning to evening.

Like Yogyakarta, Solo have keraton (Indonesia Ancient Kingdom Palace) which can be visited. Around solo, Sukoharjo Regency exactly is the center of Solo traditional industri like karak crackers, rambak, shuttlecock, gamelan and alcohol.
This Is The Transportation Choice To Solo
All this tourism objects have be visited with starting trip into Solo. The choice of the public transportation to Solo is various like railways, bus, ship and airplane. If you come from Jakarta, the choice of transportation like bus, railways and airplane are available to choose. For the railways there have also categorize into economy class, business class and executive class.

From Gambir Station there are train like Argo Dwipangga, Bima, Gajayana and Argo Lawu are available to take you into Solo. If you start from Pasar Senen Station then there are train like Senja Utama Solo, Gaya Baru Malam, Bengawan, Jaka Tingkir and Krakatau.

The availability of the train from easi side of Solo like Surabaya Gubeng Station have available train like Mutiara Selatan, Argo Wilis, Sancaka Sore, Sancaka Pagi, Bima and Turangga. While from Malang Station, tourist can use Malioboro Ekspress, Gajayana, Bima and Malabar.

For the ticket like Argo Dwipangga, Bima, Gajayana and Argo Lawu is starting from 285 thousands rupiah to 535 thousands rupiah. Senja Utama Solo, Gaya Baru Malam, Jaka Tingkir, Krakatau and Bengawan starting from 74 thousands rupiah to 270 thousands rupiah. With the various railways, tourist can choose to drop in Solo Balapan Station or Purwosari. The distance from Solo Balapan Station to city center is about three kilometers.

If using airplane, you can choose the destination into Adisumarno Airport at Solo. There are a lot of airlines like Garuda Indonesia, Sriwijaya Air and Lion Air. The ticket for each airline have various depending on the flight category like Sriwijaya Air which categorize as LCC have ticket about 370 thousands rupiah when Garuda Indonesia which categorize as premium grade flight have ticket about 580 thousands rupiah.

The last choice is land transportation using bus. Solo have lane which get through by bus for direction to Nganjuk, Kediri, Madiun and Surabaya if taking south lane. From Jakarta, you can ride from terminal like Pulo Gadung Terminal, Pasar Minggu, Pinang Ranti and Kampung Rambutan. Various buses have available like Haryanto, Pahala Kencana and other buses which can ride to Solo.

The bus price have varied starting from 120 thousands rupiah for economy class. The executive class have price about 200 thousands rupiah. When you have used buses to Solo, you can drop down at Tirtonadi Terminal. From the terminal, we have paid for 25 thousands to reach Solo center city from Tirtonadi.