This Is A Reason Getting A Photo At Trowulan Museum

Entering Trowulan Museum at Mojokerto, East Java, tourist will directly welcoming by announce board which prohibited tourist to get a photo. Not only that, at the entrance, visitor will reminder by officers to not get photo.
This Is A Reason Getting A Photo At Trowulan Museum
The regulations at Trowulan Museum related to photograph can be categorize very tight. But the regulation is made with special reason. “At here, tourists are prohibited to get photo especially museum collection. But for kids who at at school age can have it,” said Didi Hermawan, officer at Trowulan Museum. According to Didi the regulation have enacted to prevent bad intentions from irresponsible person.

“At here, there are fortunately never have any thievery the collection items like happen at other museums but to prevent this, we have apply the regulation to prohibited any photograph inside the museum,” said Didi. Beside prevent thievery, photograph prohibition is also prevent and duplication or imitation from collection item which majority is Majapahit kingdom heritage.

Special for school student, there are allowed to have photograph. “We believe our younger brother at sister who are student have photo the collection for education and science at school,” said Didi. Trowulan Museum can be said as the museum with most complete Majapahit heritage. The exhibition room have categorize into 7 category according to artifact material. Beside have high history value, the collection have also have high functional value and artistic value.

The ability from our ancestor of Majapahit Kingdom should be appraised as the example is Majapahit civil house. Didi explain that house could be have smaller size but in its function, Majapahit house have great function which the clay configuration as the house foundation can adjust with climate either dry climate of rain climate. “At dry seasons, it will drain air to make the house cold when rain season it will drain water to paddy field to prevent flood,” said Didi