The Time For You To Have Transparent Suitcase

Vis-a-Vis, that is the name of transparent suitcase which have introduced by bag and suitcase manufacturer from Australia named Crumpler few days ago. The suitcase have come with transparent polycarbonate which have strong, light and durable characteristic.

Everyone can see everything we have take inside the suitcase. The user of Vis-a-Vis is also not need to be afraid their suitcase have been taken by other passenger accidentally.
The Time For You To Have Transparent Suitcase
From Crumpler official site, the suitcase is very suitable for users who like to show off their luggage starting from cosmetic, toys and other stuffs. Although come in transparent and looks frail, Vis-a-Vis have been designed in focus on our stuff safety. The suitcase have been featured with TSA Lock and black strap to keep our suitcase have been closed completely.

Vis-a-Vis have also equipped with compression system which make our stuff don’t mess up when the airplane trip. The suitcase have build with width 46,5 centimeter, height 46,5 centimeter and weight about 4,55 kg with the suitcase storage capacity can store about 70 liters.

Currently, Vis-a-Vis can ordered through Crumple official site with price about 745 Australia Dollar which converted into Indonesia Rupiah is about 7.3 million Rupiah. That price is not include shipping fee to Indonesia.