The Best Destination In The World At 2016, Bali At What Positions ?

Bali can be said as one of most favorite destination in the world. Many tourist more know Bali than Indonesia. There are not suprisingly if island which known as Devas Island have listed in 25 the best destination in 2016 according to AS News & World Report.
The Best Destination In The World At 2016 Bali At What Positions
The destination which have positioned at first place is Great Barrier Reef which located at Queensland, Australia. The sea with largest coral reefs ecosystem is also listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of reason why Great Barrier Reef have become the first rank because its existence are endangered. Quote from CNN, Tuesday 5 July 2016, Great Barrier Reef endangered because the water temperature have rise which cause bleaching of the reef massively.

When the water temperature have rise, small algae which live at the reef or know as zooxanthellae will dispose. This is the reason why the reef become white. Due to that, tourist have be advice to visit Great Barrier Reef this year.

In the same list, Grand Canyon National Park have sit on the top of United State destination, British Virgin Island become the top Carribean Spot, and Vancouver have become the Top Canadian Spot. Rome City, Italy have become the Top Spot in Europe.

In Asia, Bali become the one of the top destination beside Tokyo and Hong Kong. This island have sit at 22th rank from the best destination in the world for AS News & World Report 2016 version. It sit above San Francisco and Budapest.

There are the 25 best destination in the world according to AS News & World Report 2016,

  1. Great Barrier Reef, Australia
  2. Paris, France
  3. Bora Bora, France Polynesia
  4. Florence, Italy
  5. Tokyo, Japan
  6. Cusco, Peru
  7. London, England
  8. Rome, Italy
  9. New York, United State
  10. Maui Hawaii
  11. Cape Town, South Africa
  12. Barcelona, Spain
  13. Sydney, Australia
  14. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  15. Yellowstone national Park, United State
  16. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  17. Hong Kong
  18. Cairo, Egypt
  19. Washington DC, United States
  20. British Virgin Islands
  21. Bali, Indonesia
  22. San Francisco, California
  23. Budapest, Hungary