If Paris Have “Locks of Love”, At Bengkulu There Are Slippers Of Love

This latest time there are a trend of selfie with hundreds of old and used slippers background at Tapak Paderi Beach, Bengkulu. Tapak Paderi Beach is one of tourism destination in Bengkulu, the beach distance is not too far from Fort Marlborough.

The hundreds of old slippers have been arrange in a row with the wall which made from bamboo. The hundreds of that old slippers have only range about 200 meters from shoreline. There also have mate canteen near the slippers of love. There still unknown the canteen have called as mate canteen.
If Paris Have "Locks of Love", At Bengkulu There Are Slippers Of Love
One of that area fisherman named Aris from Pondok Besi Village, Bengkulu have said that the idea to make slippers cabin mate is come from the local people concerns on the garbage and trash on the area.

“Almost of the trash is a drink plastic bottle and old slippers which float on the beach. We have collect the trash and hang it on the bamboo pole we have made,” said Aris. Obviously, according Aris, the pole of old slippers have attract tourist to the beach who like to capture the moment from this slipper hanging.

The information have spread quite fast, continue Aris, there is not make people come to the slippers hanging but also attract a lot of couple to come to place their slippers as the sign of love. “We never predict our intention to clean the beach from garbage have get a lot of attention from tourist and become one of tourism object to this beach,” said Aris.

The next, Aris with other fisherman in Pondok Besi Village will continue to collect garbage in beach location to processed into more helpful stuff. “We have invite local people to take part in keeping the beach cleanliness to make tourist become more comfortable to visit Tapak Paderi Beach,” said Aris.

If Paris and Korea have Locks of Love, at Bengkulu maybe would be appeared slippers of love soon.