5 Area At Tepian Musi developed To 2018

Five areas at Tepian Musi will developed into tourism destination into 2018. The development have been taken to optimize the tourism area at Musi River lane which have been recommended as one of 10 national tourism destination.

The Head of Culture And Tourism of South Sumatera Agency, Irene Camelyn, Wednesday 27 July 2016 in Palembang said that along the Musi Lane in Palembang there are about 28 areas which potential become tourism object.
5 Area At Tepian Musi developed To 2018
However, she continue, from that amount there is only one which have developed independently by local community which is Al Munawar Village, Palembang. There are few areas which potential developed but until now it still not uncultivated.

Irene said that the area will develop step by step starting from socialization to infrastructure development in order to build integrated tourism system which can attract tourist coming to Palembang. One of that example is Al Munawar Village. That area have recorded as one of central of Arab culture in Palembang. For Palembang people, Al Munawar have frequently called as Kampung Arab.

Few program have been designed like developed small harbor and homestay for tourist who want to see local people daily activity. “Today, there are 5 local people house which have been official become homestay. The number will rise to accommodate tourist who like to stay in Palembang,” said Irene.

From Al Munawar, there are 4 areas which have been pushed to become strategic tourism object on Musi Riverside. Kemaro Island and 10 Ulu Area can become religious tourism for Chinese community in Palembang or from other area in Indonesia.

1 Ulu Area is prime culinary tourist spot in Palembang, When 3 to 4 Ulu area would developed into textiles tourism area. “Next year we will focus on develop Kemaro Island area,” continue Irene.

Secretary of Culture and Tourism Agency from Palembang City, Raimon Lauri have said that development of the tourism in Musi Riverside will started through revitalization from the tourism destination.

One of revitalization program is revamping Benteng Kuto Besak Area which have been restore into its function as tourism area. “Revamping of this area have spend about 5 billion rupiah. It is hoped can attract tourist after the it is have completed restore,” said Raimon.

Beside that, his side have also revamping all transportation system to tourism object in Musi Riverside by set the schedule of departure of ship and water bus according standard transportation service price. However, to apply this transportation system, Palembang City Government still require cooperating with every side and stakeholders.