Beside G-Land, Ijen And Sukamade Ready To Promote Aboard

After the iconic surfing destination in G-Land Beach at Bayuwangi have been promoted in New York, United States of America together with Borobudur Temple and Comodo Dragon National Park, there is planned to promote another two destinations from Banyuwangi in abroad.

Those two destinations is Ijen Mountain and Sukamade Beach. Those planning have been revealed by temporary Head of Banyuwangi Tourism Agency My Bramuda. According to Bramuda, if G-Land have represent the beach tourism, then Ijen Mountain agen togel which been popular with its blue fire will represent mountain and highland tourism and Sukamade which known as place for turtle hatching its eggs would be represent adventure tourism because to reach Sukamade, tourist must get through a heavy area.
Beside G-Land, Ijen And Sukamade Ready To Promote Aboard
“This is one for great support from Ministry of Tourism for Banyuwangi Tourism. If G-Land have been presume the target market for New York, so Ijen or SUkamade would promote in other country and adjust with their market target. The example is New York, next is Ijen Mountain daftar togel is promote in France,” said Bramuda.

The promotion of G-Land destination, continued Bramuda because Banyuwangi have been selected from 10 new Teman 4D destination by Ministry of Tourism. Moreover, the tourist visit to Banyuwangi have increased since 5 years ago.

“I hope this could accomplished the target for tourist visit to Indonesia which have been targeted 20 million tourist per year,” said Bramuda.

Minister of Tourism : Aceh Have Change To Develop Halal Tourism

Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya have said that Aceh Province is one of region in Indonesia which have change to develop halal tourism.

“Currently, there are three provinces in Indonesia which have change to develop halal tourism and one of them are Aceh,” said Arief Yahya when opening coordinating meeting for culture and tourism sbobet mobile with tagline ‘Aceh as Main Halal Tourism’ in Banda Aceh.

According to Arief, the potential should be explored properly by this province with population about 5 millions people. One of that is giving the best service for every guest who come visiting Aceh.
Minister of Tourism : Aceh Have Change To Develop Halal Tourism
The minister have also said to optimize this halal tourism, there should be starting from halal certification in all subject like service and access with the support from every stakeholders. “Acen have not including in national tourism destination area and I believe with program and progress which have started today, Aceh would take part as national tourism destination. There would very great if Aceh have selected in World Halal Tourism,” said Arief.

According to Minister or Tourism, government have made tourism sector as main sector and for optimize this sector, other ministry have also take a part in supporting this sector to become one of main national income.

“The seriousness from every are in building the sector can be seen in the every region budget allocation for this sector,” said Arief. He have also explain that there are few daftar sbobet strategic steps which can be used to create and develop the Aceh icon together with promoting Indonesia main tourism destination.

Arief have also underline the availability of hotel and restaurant with halal certificate in Aceh. He also all the businessman who have main business in hotel and restaurant to improve their business quality. Arief don’t forget to ask all stakeholder to work together in improving infrastructure and other halal tourism requirement like visa, information, services, attractions and increasing the capacity from accessibility.

The last, Areif have added that tourism would bring prosperity to all people and halal tourism have large market so it is valuable klik here.

August, The Time For Go To Bali For Buleleng Festival

Buleleng Regency’s Culture and Tourism agency, currently have preparing the fourth Buleleng Festival which located at Singa Ambara Raja Monment, Singaraja City 2 August to 6 August 2016.

“We have completing to prepare involve all stakeholders including studios in Buleleng,” said the Head of Culture and Tourism Agency, I Nyoman Sutrisna at Singaraja City, Bali Tuesday 26 Juli 2016. He have said that Buleleng Festival 2016 will take topic about ‘Mastepiece of Buleleng’ which focus on Buleleng art which have gained many Achievement in national level to international level.
August, The Time For Go To Bali For Buleleng Festival
“Bullfest will crowded with mass Buleleng traditional dance and various art performance like Arja Dance Performance, Wayang Wong and others,” said Sutrisna. Buleleng Festival have commitment to show a tons of origin arts in North Bali which have acknowledge its extensions beside few modern art performance like band staging and theater art which have favored by people right now.

There also have said that his said will involve all art studios in this area. All the studio management have been involved since the beginning of this event, starting planning into the staging. Sutrisna have added that the festival have hoped to promote Buleleng as the main tour destination in Bali.

Talking about the budget, his side have claimed that receive fund injection from Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism to support this event since beginning. Beside from central government, there are also have fund from sponsor.

“The fund from Regional Budget Revenue and Expenditure is only contribute about 800 million rupiah. The less have come from Ministry and Sponsor. Totally the fund have exceed one billion rupiah,” said Sutrina.

Indonesia Become Favorite Destination For Australian Tourists

Indonesia’s Ambassador for Australia, Nadjib Riphat Kesoema said that Indonesia have become one of most favorite destination for Australian Tourists right now, replace New Zealand.

“Various nature riches and beauty, culture and tourism facility have made Indonesia become attractions for Australian Tourist,” said Nadjib, Satuday 23 Juli 2016. Nadjib said that when attending promotion event which organized by Ministry of Tourism cooperating with Australia Embassy at Hotel Hyatt, Canberra.
Indonesia Become Favorite Destination For Australian Tourists
According to Nadjib beside helping to promote understanding between two countries and the best is the tourism sector can create jobs in Indonesia. Nadjib have added that he is very agree the similar event can be held in few Australia City like Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

The event is help tour operator in Australia to arrange the meeting with their partner in Indonesia directly. All this time, Indonesia embassy with Indonesia Representative in Australia have utilized few events which held by Indonesia Consulate General and following Australia tourism and social culture calendar either from Government or Australia Private Sector as their main priority to attract tourist.

Ambassador have ask the tourism company at Australia to have Australian to visit other destination at Indonesia beside Bali Island. According to Indonesia Embassy, almost 85 percents from 1,2 millions Australia tourist have visit Bali 2015.

Nadjob offer few alternate tourist destination at Indonesia such as Toraja, Toba Lake, Raja Ampat, Labuhan Bajo, Thousands Island, Borobudur Temple, Tanjung Kalayang, Bromo, Wakatobi and Morotai Island. Beside that, Deputy Director of International Marketing Ministry Of Tourism, Agustini Rahayu have explained that tourist visited Indonesia have increase this lately time.

She have noted in this May there are increase about 16,4 percents if compare to same period in 2014. Currently, Australia have become top 4 countries which contributor foreign tourist for Indonesia below Singapore, Malaysia and China.

Agustini have optimistic through “Wonderful Indonesia” campaign, the trends for Australia Tourist who visit Indonesia would increase and give big contribution into Indonesia 12 million foreign tourist target in end of 2016. Especially for Australia, Ministry of Tourism have hope there would be 1,4 million tourists will visit Indonesia at 2016.

Citilink Expand Its Business By Opening Route To Hongkong

Low cost carrier or known as LCC, Citilink Indonesia have show its readiness to start its business expansion to international level especially Asia region. The expansion have been marked with the opening route from Hongkong to Manado.
Citilink Expand Its Business By Opening Route To Hongkong
“We have seen the high enthusiasm of China tourists who like to visit destination at Indonesia. With this route, we hope there would be more foreign tourist would visit Indonesia especially from China,” said Commercial Director of Citilink Indonesia, Hans Nugroho at Manado.

Hans said that Manado is one of favorite destination from china tourist when visit Indonesia beside Bali and Raja Ampat. Due to that, Citilink want to offer easiness for the tourist by visiting Manado directly from Hongkong without need to transit into Jakarta or Surabaya.

According to Indonesia Ministry of Tourism data, there are recorded that foreign tourist which visiting Indonesia per May 2016 is totally 915.200 tourist and 12,61 percents or equal with 115.406 person is a tourists from China.

“Manado is famous for its diving destinations. The destination or spot have not only at Bunaken but also other place which can offer more exotic diving sport. I think this could become of of best opportunity for Indonesia to introduce the other destination in Indonesia beside Bali,” said Hans