Lion Air Will Open Route From Philippines To Manado

National Low Cost Carrier, Lion Air have planned to open the new Teman Judi route from Philippines to Manado in the end of 2016. Lion Air will fly from Davao City and Cebu to Manado.

“We will open the flight from Philippines to Manado. This is the part of strategy we have to attract tourist in pools. In Davao and Cebu, there are millions of foreign tourist,” said Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya.
The opening for this route have been appear due to the foreign tourist potential from those two cities. According to Arief, those cities have become the destination for tourist from China, Japan and Korea.

“The flight to Manado is about more than an hour. There are very great if we open up the flight from Davao and Cebu. I have go to China, Japan and Korea. They have get to Davao and Cebu. We will attract them to go to Manado with Lion Air,” said Arief.

The owner of Lion Air Group, Rusdi Kirana when confirmed have said the route from Davao and Cebu to Manado will start to operate in the end of 2016. He added that route of Cebu to Manado is also gain benefit with the availability of flight Teman Poker99 from Korea to Cebu.

“We only have cooperate with a flight from Korea, Jeju Airlines. Mr. Arief Yahya have go to there, I have also know the head director of that airline. We will combine the package with Korea route. With the slowest flight about one and half hour, they won’t reject to fly to other country like Indonesia and other city like Manado.

He added that Cebu and Davao to Manado route will serve by Lion Air with Boeing 737-900 Teman 4D which have capacity about 215 seats. Currently, that planning have in finishing conversation between Indonesia and Philippines.

Manado City Government Have Re-develop Bunaken Tourism

The Deputy Governor of North Sulawesi, Steven Kandouw have said that the province government and city government have commitment to develop the tourism sector of Bunaken National Park.

“North Sulawesi Government will be working together with Manado Government to make Bunaken become one of main world tourism destination,” said Deputy Governor Kandouw at Wednesday 3 Agustus 2016.
Manado City Government Have Re-develop Bunaken Tourism
This cooperation, said Kandouw must realized soon especially Bunaken National park have long time become the iconic tourism of North Sulawesi and Indonesia. To realized that, said The Head North Sulawesi Regional People Representative Council for 2014-2015 period, few issues which have appeared this late time must be solve as soon as possible by all stakeholders by sitting together and discuss the best solution.

According to Deputy Governor, few classic issues which frequently appear is the dirty of the tourism facility with garbage, public toilet which have neglected either in the tourism destination or inn and hotel, the lack of attraction, tourism object supporting facility to security issue.

“We have to synergy with Manado City Government to develop Bunaken to image and charm of marine park as the main the tourism destination in the Land of Waving Palm. The problem of Bunaken Beach Cleanliness would be done continuously between regional government and stakeholders including people aware tourism community” said Kandouw.

Deputy Governor of North Sulawesi have appreciate every community who care about tourism because Manado will become the tourism spot and destination for “Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition. “We also hope every Manado tourism spot have re-developed,” said Kandouw.

Now, Ibis Hotel Can be Found At Manado

AccorHotels Group, the international chain hotel operator at Indonesia and Asia Pacific have introduce their new hotel at Manado, Ibis Manado City Center Boulevard Hotel which opened in June 2016.
Now, Ibis Hotel Can be Found At Manado
This hotel is located at heart of Manado City. By walking for few minutes, visitors can reach Manado Town Square Mall area which located at side of Sulawesi Sea. The hotel have surrounded by shopping and entertainment center which integrated with business center and office area.

“The opening from first international economy hotel in North Sulawesi is hoped can continuously trigger tourism industry, either for the business activity or holiday to Manado,” said Garth Simmons, Chief Operating Office from AccorHotels Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

The launch of this hotel have been planned in the expansion strategy and development of AccorHotels in Indonesia which targeting for manage more than 200 hotels until 2020.

Ibis Manado City Center Boulevard have 154 room with the choice sea scenery or mountain scenery. The room have featured with new bed concept which called by Sweet Bed by Ibis. This concept have offered new optimum comfortable with high technology sleeping mats, blankets, pillow and bolsters.

The hotel have provide free WiFi. Beside that the room have featured with safe deposits box, sound proof, small refrigerator, 32 inch TV LED with the choice of international channel, bathroom with shower and warm water, hair dryer and coffee maker.

Ibis Manado have featured with 3 flexible meeting room which can used as one room with capacity 200 person and featured with modern audio-visual equipment. The internet connection have available in whole area of the hotel to meet the need of customer who like to have meeting, business or other social activity.

Ibis Manado have also the restaurant which is Ibis Kitchen. Ibis Kitchen is the restaurant owned by AccorHotels and become the unique point from Ibis Hotel network. Every Ibis hotel have Ibis Kitchen inside the hotel. At Ibis Manao, Ibis Kitchen have 110 seats. The menu have available buffet and a la carte international which have been adjusted with local taste and touch.

Ibis brand is a one of economy hotel brand from AccorHotels. This family hotel network have more than 1900 hotels around the world. The hotel have categorize into Ibis Styles which have 300 hotels, 1000 hotels for Ibis and 550 Ibis Budget. Around the world, Ibis Family can be found at 69 countries with 47 hotel have in Indonesia.

Citilink Expand Its Business By Opening Route To Hongkong

Low cost carrier or known as LCC, Citilink Indonesia have show its readiness to start its business expansion to international level especially Asia region. The expansion have been marked with the opening route from Hongkong to Manado.
Citilink Expand Its Business By Opening Route To Hongkong
“We have seen the high enthusiasm of China tourists who like to visit destination at Indonesia. With this route, we hope there would be more foreign tourist would visit Indonesia especially from China,” said Commercial Director of Citilink Indonesia, Hans Nugroho at Manado.

Hans said that Manado is one of favorite destination from china tourist when visit Indonesia beside Bali and Raja Ampat. Due to that, Citilink want to offer easiness for the tourist by visiting Manado directly from Hongkong without need to transit into Jakarta or Surabaya.

According to Indonesia Ministry of Tourism data, there are recorded that foreign tourist which visiting Indonesia per May 2016 is totally 915.200 tourist and 12,61 percents or equal with 115.406 person is a tourists from China.

“Manado is famous for its diving destinations. The destination or spot have not only at Bunaken but also other place which can offer more exotic diving sport. I think this could become of of best opportunity for Indonesia to introduce the other destination in Indonesia beside Bali,” said Hans