Go To Buton And Enjoy The Widest Fort In The World

Generally the fort have been made as a defense against enemy attact. But there are a very unique thing in Buton, Southeast Sulawesi, there are a fort as the place for people settlement. That fort have known as Keraton Buton Fort.

“So in the past, Buton People have live at seaside, there are a lot of pirate. One of the most famous pirate is the one eyed pirate, Labolontio. To avoid and fight against the pirate, local people have move to higher place and agree to build the new settlement together with is fortification,” said tour guide La Ode M. Adam Vatiq.
Go To Buton And Enjoy The Widest Fort In The World
According to La Ode, in the beginning this fort have build with pineapple lumber which good against termite and insects. The building process have started at 1613 and the beginning concept have been finished 10 years later. Since that time, this fort haven continuously repaired and enlarge to reach the current wide about 22,8 hectare.

This fort can be categorized as fantastic fort because the fort have been listed to become the widest fort in the world according to Indonesia Record Museum and Guiness Book of Record at 2006. Until today, Keraton Buton Fort still become the local people settlement.

“The fort’s function have two, the first is of the settlement and the second one is for burial ground,” said La Ode. There are 3 categorize people who live in the Keraton Buton Fort which is Kawumu which known as royal family, Malaka which is tradition council and Papara or the ordinary people.

Inside the fort there are 12 door and 16 bastion or the curve to place cannon. Each bastion and door have its own name. Inside the fort there are a lot of old building which have history value like Batu Popaua which the place for inauguration from new Buton Sultan, Buton Great Mosque and previous Sultan Murhum Tomb.

For visiting Keraton Buton, the perfect time is morning to afternoon because we can see the scenery from above the fort which covering all the Bau Bau city with wide sea.