Beside G-Land, Ijen And Sukamade Ready To Promote Aboard

After the iconic surfing destination in G-Land Beach at Bayuwangi have been promoted in New York, United States of America together with Borobudur Temple and Comodo Dragon National Park, there is planned to promote another two destinations from Banyuwangi in abroad.

Those two destinations is Ijen Mountain and Sukamade Beach. Those planning have been revealed by temporary Head of Banyuwangi Tourism Agency My Bramuda. According to Bramuda, if G-Land have represent the beach tourism, then Ijen Mountain agen togel which been popular with its blue fire will represent mountain and highland tourism and Sukamade which known as place for turtle hatching its eggs would be represent adventure tourism because to reach Sukamade, tourist must get through a heavy area.
Beside G-Land, Ijen And Sukamade Ready To Promote Aboard
“This is one for great support from Ministry of Tourism for Banyuwangi Tourism. If G-Land have been presume the target market for New York, so Ijen or SUkamade would promote in other country and adjust with their market target. The example is New York, next is Ijen Mountain daftar togel is promote in France,” said Bramuda.

The promotion of G-Land destination, continued Bramuda because Banyuwangi have been selected from 10 new Teman 4D destination by Ministry of Tourism. Moreover, the tourist visit to Banyuwangi have increased since 5 years ago.

“I hope this could accomplished the target for tourist visit to Indonesia which have been targeted 20 million tourist per year,” said Bramuda.