This Is The Time For Trying Favorite Dish From Sultan HB IX

Today, you don’t need to get into Yogyakarta if you would like to try the favorite dish from ancient Java Kings. At Kampoeng Legenda, Ciputra Mall, Jakarta have been held an event from 10 to 21 August 2016 which will offer you a special dish of Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat.

The Bale Raos Restaurant is the restaurant which will serve you with this special dish of Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat. The restaurant have opened a stand at this event and carried 10 favorite menu from Yogyakarta to Jakarta.
This Is The Time For Trying Favorite Dish From Sultan HB IX
The 10 menus which bring by Bale Raos are Gudeg Manggar Set, Betak Ayam, Wonosari Red Rice, Java Bestik, Gecok Ganem, Bestik Lidah, Beer Djawa, Manuk Nom, Beras Kencur and Prawan Kenes. Few of those menus like Java Bestik, Bestik Lidah and Gecok Ganem is the favorite dish from Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX.

From those dish, the most unique is Gecok Ganem which the favorite dish for Yogyakarta people at 1950’s although today is quiet rare to be found. Gecok Ganem is a meatball which made from beef and formed into round shape and serve with a soup.

Gecok Ganem is very different with standard meatballs. Gecok Ganem meatballs is not contain a lot of flour in its composition. Gecok Ganem have serve with white colored soup which remember us with sayur lodeh. When tasted, the soup have similar taste with sayur lodeh. The similarity have also shown by the additional red and green chili. The different between the soup with sayur lodeh is on the additional tomato which can be found on the soup. The tomato have made the soup is more freshly.

To eat Gecok Ganem, we can get rice to accompany this dish although few visitors have said it is not suitable for use rice to accompany Gecok Ganem due to the taste of the soup is quite lightly and would end up tasteless. Gecok Ganem is more suitable to place as appetizer than main course.

To have this dish, you only need to spend about 25 thousand Rupiah for one portion. The other menu at Bale Raos is also quite friendly and affordable, starting from 10 thousands to 100 thousands rupiah.

On the event, visitors should using Brizzi card for the payment which can be buy on the location. The event have opened from 10 morning o’clock to all the food have run out.