Manado City Government Have Re-develop Bunaken Tourism

The Deputy Governor of North Sulawesi, Steven Kandouw have said that the province government and city government have commitment to develop the tourism sector of Bunaken National Park.

“North Sulawesi Government will be working together with Manado Government to make Bunaken become one of main world tourism destination,” said Deputy Governor Kandouw at Wednesday 3 Agustus 2016.
Manado City Government Have Re-develop Bunaken Tourism
This cooperation, said Kandouw must realized soon especially Bunaken National park have long time become the iconic tourism of North Sulawesi and Indonesia. To realized that, said The Head North Sulawesi Regional People Representative Council for 2014-2015 period, few issues which have appeared this late time must be solve as soon as possible by all stakeholders by sitting together and discuss the best solution.

According to Deputy Governor, few classic issues which frequently appear is the dirty of the tourism facility with garbage, public toilet which have neglected either in the tourism destination or inn and hotel, the lack of attraction, tourism object supporting facility to security issue.

“We have to synergy with Manado City Government to develop Bunaken to image and charm of marine park as the main the tourism destination in the Land of Waving Palm. The problem of Bunaken Beach Cleanliness would be done continuously between regional government and stakeholders including people aware tourism community” said Kandouw.

Deputy Governor of North Sulawesi have appreciate every community who care about tourism because Manado will become the tourism spot and destination for “Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition. “We also hope every Manado tourism spot have re-developed,” said Kandouw.