What Is Different Between Culinary Vacation And Gastronomy Vacation?

Culinary vacation is the event for tourist to try special culinary from one area have become ordinary thing and many of tourist have like do this culinary vacation. However, have you ever hear about gastronomy vacation?

Gastronomy vacation could be sound unfamiliar in Indonesia. The term of gastronomy tourism have been widely known in abroad. However if interpreted, according Hall and Shraples (2003) which have been concluded by United Nation World Tourism Organization, the gastronomy tourism is a trip which related with food and culinary in some regional or area as the main recreation.

Gastronomy tourism have including visiting the main food producer, food festival event, farmers market, cooking and demonstration event along with trying quality food product and other tourism activity related with food.
What Is Different Between Culinary Vacation And Gastronomy Vacation?
In other words, food tourism have giving experience and result from the process of learning different culture. Currently, culinary is not only about food we consume but have become one of characteristic and attribute which related with tourism products.

The lecturer for Gastronomy Food Study at Trisakti Tourism College, Zayyini Nahdlah give example about gastronomy tourism to help us to understand different between gastronomy tourism and culinary tourism.

“The example is visiting paddy field and then learning to plant paddy and fishing fish in the pool. In the end from that, learning cooking with local method. Like cooking using furnace and local and eating together using local people way with local people. Then, there are chef who can explain about the reason of the food is more healthy together with culture for local food,” said Zayyini.

According to Zayyini, Indonesian people, especially in regional level have starting the process about gastronomy tourism. Unfortunately, there are many thing still unknown like the explanation about the food philosophy. “We already have it, but still unrealized and not packaged as gastronomy. If it has packaged, it can been sold and people would understand and known it,” said Zayyini.

Event though, continue Zayyini, gastonomy tourism have close relation with tourism sector and there certainly can provide income for tourism business.

“Gastronomy is not related to enjoy the food. Moreover people in this modern day have want to live healthily. So many European tourist have preferred to looking gastronomy tourism not culinary tourism because with gastronomy tourism they will know the source of the food,” said Zayyini.