Scarlet Cafe Hotel Dafam At Pekalongan Have Served Many Types of Dimsum

Dimsum is looks like one dish that in trend today. The delicious food from Canton, China have been served in basket. With small size and can be eaten with a mouthful, this dish is quite easy to eat for everyone who in middle of activity.

If you don’t know, this dish can be make through steam and fried. Dimsum have become the favorite food for fill you free time and as the most great dish when family get together.
Scarlet Cafe Hotel Dafam At Pekalongan Have Served Many Types of Dimsum
In Scarlet Cafe Hotel Dafam at Pekalongan City, Central Java, there are 7 type of dimsun or known as dumplings with price Rp 25.000 per basket. There are dumplings with chicken filled, chocolate filled, regular dumplings, siomay, wotie and mantao.

“In fact that, the dumplings menu have been existed for long time ago, however we have added few variant because this have become favorite snacks not only for Chinese but also for everyone in Pekalongan,” said Public Relation Hotel Dafam Pekalongan, Exy Mulyana.

Exy have added that the dumplings have been made directly by hotel chef. “So it is very fresh and warm,” said Exy. The hotel is also offer dumplings promotion for family or friends who like to have together and eating something till 18.00 Indonesia West Time.

“The price above have including Jasmine Tea. We have serve directly from the steamer. So the customer can taste directly and take it directly from steamer,” said Exy.

One of the customer, Edi Mustofa have admitted this is the first time he found the Chinese food with many variant. He have choose angsio chicken leg and wotie because anxious with the dumplings variant.

Dieng Tourism Area Will Be Reorganized

Dieng Plateu Tourism Area at Banjarnegara and Wonosobo Regency, Central Java will be reorganized said, Central Governor, Ganjar Pranowo.

“Banjarnegara and Wonosobo don’t be compete. There would be a entrance from Batang which will make Dieng can be organized together by both of regency as one tourism area,” said Ganjar Pranowo when visiting Ruwatan Anak Berambut Gimbal Procession which is the main event from Dieng Culture Festival VII at Arjuna Temple complex, Banjarnegara, Sunday 7 August 2016.
Dieng Tourism Area Will Be Reorganized
Due to that, said Ganjar, In future the entrance ticket for entering Dieng Plateu Tourism Area would be only charged one times using season tickets.

He have also confirmed that there are a lot of complaints about the tickets which relative unaffordable to entering Dieng because there are a lot of ticket charged. When asking about the planning for develop Dieng as one of main destination, Ganjar have said that currently the booster for tourism destination have been started.

At Central Java, there are 4 main destination which is Karimun Java, Dieng, Borobudur Temple and Sangiran which have included into Joglosemar Development Area. Joglosemar is a acronym for government tourism project around Yogyakarta, Solo and Semarang.

Joglosemar have become one of tourism destination which have become priority by Indonesia Government beside Bali Island. “Yesterday, all the consultant who have win the bidding have met with me. They have explain what they want to do and have done at Karimun Java, Dieng, Borobudur and Sangiran. We hope, next year would be seen the progress,” said Ganjar.

Ganjar : Pokemon Go Can Become Media For Promote Central Java Tourism

Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo have said that Pokemon GO can be utilized as a positive think like promote tourism destinations in Central Java to attract tourist to visit Central java
Ganjar Pokemon Go Can Become Media For Promote Central Java Tourism
“That Pokemon GO can become very important if we innovative and creative, as the example like promote our tourism. We can promote our destinations like tell player that Pokemon have appear at Lawang Sewu, Borobudur and Prambanan so people will be attracted to visit Central Java,” said Ganjar at Semarang Town Hall Wednesday 20 July 2016.

According to Ganjar, if Pokemon Go is also played without followed with innovation and creativity then it is only waste a time. Ganjar Pranowo have stated he won’t make special prohibition for government employees as he position a Governor of Central Java. “There won’t be any prohibition for employees in Central Java Government to play Pokemon Go,” added Ganjar.

“Employees must know and realized, playing Pokemon Go is allowed but they should understand and know when to play when to work because everyone when prohibited, precisely they will try to play so we need awareness from employees,” said Ganjar

Beside asking all employees in Central Java Government to keep working hard in server people and community, Ganjar have also advice all parents to keep watching their kids who play Pokemon Go. “Supervision is very important to keep kids from addiction in playing Pokemon Go,” said Ganjar.

Go To Ungaran Mountain And Try Paragliding

If you have holiday to Semarang, try to visit feet of Ungaran Mountain at Sidumukti Village, Bandungan District, Semarang Regency, Central Java. At that feet of mountain you can try adrenaline sport, Paragliding.
Go To Ungaran Mountain And Try Paragliding
The head of Indonesia Aero Sport Federation Semarang branch, Adi Subardi said that tourist can fly using paragliding for about 8 to 15 minutes. In the process, tourist will fly along with paragliding instructor. “When flying, tourist could see Rawa Pening, Ambarawa, Ungaran City, Salatiga and people resident alongside with paddy field,” said Adi.

Adi added that tourist can try paragliding everyday from feet of Ungaran Mountain. When Saturday and Sunday, the provider of paragliding flying service can be found at yard of camping area in feet of Ungaran mountain.

“This is Ungaran Mountain which have known with its Umbul Sidomukti. There are a place, weather and views which supporting paragliding so we have directly to develop paragliding. With paragliding, the visitor to Umbul Sidomukti have also increase because there are few tourist have only come to try paragliding from Ungaran Mountain,” said Adi.

If you like to try paragliding at Ungaran Mountain, tourist will be charged for 350 thousands rupiah. Tourist can come directly to Umbul Sidomukti meeting house or to Pondok Kopi Umbul Sidomukti restaurant to register paragliding. “If still confused, tourist can ask at registration counter for entering Umbul Sidomukti and the staff at there will show direction to register.

Ungaran Mountain is one of mountain which can be climbed at Central Java. Climber will get through three climbing posts which is Bedengan Post, Pronojiwo Post and Bukaan Post and continue with coffee and tea garden before arrive at top of Ungaran Mountain. Ungaran have height about 2.050 meters above sea level.

Dinner Like Sultan At Cirebon Sultanate Is Only 25 Thousands Rupiah

Dinner at park with twilight light, complete with golden chariot and sultan’s chair decoration at Sultanate are, who don’t want it? You can feel the sensation to become the king or queen with only paying for 25 thousands rupiah.

This restaurant is opened by Cirebon Sultanate for tourist who like to know the sensation of dinner in the style of Sultanate. Pawon Bogana is the name of the restaurant which manage and operate by Cirebon Sultanate and opened for public. This restaurant is located in Agen Sbobet Sultanate Area which exactly at Pulasaren, Cirebon
Dinner Like Sultan At Cirebon Sultanate Is Only 25 Thousands Rupiah
“The best menu at this restaurant is Bogana Rice atau Nasi Bogana. This rice is frequently eat by past Sultans which the recipe have been handed down generation by generation,” said Edi, the person in charge which also the coordinator from Pawon Bogana Restaurant. The Nasi Bogana is a yellow rice which accompany by many side dish like yellow chicken curry, tofu, tempeh and boiled egg.

“Many people have wrong perception about Bogana Rice which their presume the rice is made from coconut milk but in the real the rice is made from turmeric,” said Edi. When tasted, Bogana Rice is very different with yellow rice which have been processed with coconut milk. The turmeric at here is only as fragrant for rice. The most great taste is coming from the yellow chicken curry which cooked with various spices together with thick coconut milk.

The most interesting thing is on the location of the restaurant which located in front of residence from Cirebon Sultanate. The backyard of Pawon Bogana Restaurant is a Sultan Residence so there unsurprisingly if there are occasional time if visitor have met with the Sultan. Pawon Bogana is open from 12 PM and close at 10 PM. Pawon Bogana is frequently used as the gathering place for community because its large area both its indoor or outdoor. The price is 25 thousands rupiah for Bogana Rice and 8 thousands rupiah for fresh drink like Wedang Jeruk Nipis or Lemon Tea