Lion Air Will Open Route From Philippines To Manado

National Low Cost Carrier, Lion Air have planned to open the new Teman Judi route from Philippines to Manado in the end of 2016. Lion Air will fly from Davao City and Cebu to Manado.

“We will open the flight from Philippines to Manado. This is the part of strategy we have to attract tourist in pools. In Davao and Cebu, there are millions of foreign tourist,” said Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya.
The opening for this route have been appear due to the foreign tourist potential from those two cities. According to Arief, those cities have become the destination for tourist from China, Japan and Korea.

“The flight to Manado is about more than an hour. There are very great if we open up the flight from Davao and Cebu. I have go to China, Japan and Korea. They have get to Davao and Cebu. We will attract them to go to Manado with Lion Air,” said Arief.

The owner of Lion Air Group, Rusdi Kirana when confirmed have said the route from Davao and Cebu to Manado will start to operate in the end of 2016. He added that route of Cebu to Manado is also gain benefit with the availability of flight Teman Poker99 from Korea to Cebu.

“We only have cooperate with a flight from Korea, Jeju Airlines. Mr. Arief Yahya have go to there, I have also know the head director of that airline. We will combine the package with Korea route. With the slowest flight about one and half hour, they won’t reject to fly to other country like Indonesia and other city like Manado.

He added that Cebu and Davao to Manado route will serve by Lion Air with Boeing 737-900 Teman 4D which have capacity about 215 seats. Currently, that planning have in finishing conversation between Indonesia and Philippines.