Minister of Tourism : Aceh Have Change To Develop Halal Tourism

Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya have said that Aceh Province is one of region in Indonesia which have change to develop halal tourism.

“Currently, there are three provinces in Indonesia which have change to develop halal tourism and one of them are Aceh,” said Arief Yahya when opening coordinating meeting for culture and tourism sbobet mobile with tagline ‘Aceh as Main Halal Tourism’ in Banda Aceh.

According to Arief, the potential should be explored properly by this province with population about 5 millions people. One of that is giving the best service for every guest who come visiting Aceh.
Minister of Tourism : Aceh Have Change To Develop Halal Tourism
The minister have also said to optimize this halal tourism, there should be starting from halal certification in all subject like service and access with the support from every stakeholders. “Acen have not including in national tourism destination area and I believe with program and progress which have started today, Aceh would take part as national tourism destination. There would very great if Aceh have selected in World Halal Tourism,” said Arief.

According to Minister or Tourism, government have made tourism sector as main sector and for optimize this sector, other ministry have also take a part in supporting this sector to become one of main national income.

“The seriousness from every are in building the sector can be seen in the every region budget allocation for this sector,” said Arief. He have also explain that there are few daftar sbobet strategic steps which can be used to create and develop the Aceh icon together with promoting Indonesia main tourism destination.

Arief have also underline the availability of hotel and restaurant with halal certificate in Aceh. He also all the businessman who have main business in hotel and restaurant to improve their business quality. Arief don’t forget to ask all stakeholder to work together in improving infrastructure and other halal tourism requirement like visa, information, services, attractions and increasing the capacity from accessibility.

The last, Areif have added that tourism would bring prosperity to all people and halal tourism have large market so it is valuable klik here.

Get Ready For Pesona Sangihe Festival As September 2016

North Sulawesi province is ready to held 2016 Pesona Sangihe Festival whicl will be held in incoming 5 to 10 September 2016. Pesona Sangihe festival will be filled with may attraction like culture parade, pick yacht rally, performance of Oli music and Solo dance, inland tour, development exhibition and various competition.
Get Ready For Pesona Sangihe Festival As September 2016
“This festival will shown how unity and integrity have been built in order to build maritime axis North Sulawesi. Sangine heritage culture which is priceless will be exposed in this event,” said Sangihe island Regent, Hironimus Rompas Makagansa at conference press for the launching of Pesona Sangihe Festival at Tuesday 19 July 2016.

Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya have ask the regional government of North Sulawesi to more concern in 2A tourism factor which is attraction and access. “Please the Governor and Regent concern in hygiene of attraction destinations. I am believe it can happen if Governor and Regent have starting to move. The access of flight is also supporting the target with the flight from Philippine and China into Manado,” said Arief.

Sangihe Island Regency can become one of terrace from north part of Indonesia. Sangihe island area is near with neighbor country like Philippine. From accessibility factor, Sangihe Island have a lot of advantage. There were proven in 2016, Sangihe have chosen as one of transit point for yachter from United States, Canada, Australia, Malaysia and England. They have start their trip from Davao, Philippine.

In 2015, Sangihe Island have visited by 3.880 foreign tourist and 29.360 domestic tourist. This year, the target have raised into 7.595 foreign tourist and 42.563 domestic tourist. Pesona Sangihe Festival is hoped can become one of trigger for accomplished the target because currently the target have reach about 60 percents for foreign tourist and 62 percents for domestic tourist.

Hit By Bomb, Minister of Tourism Appealed Tourist Not Worry For Travel

Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya appealed tourist not need to worry for travel due to bombing at Solo Tuesday, 5 Juli 2016 morning. He stated that all tourism objects at Indonesia are still safety and conducive.

“Meanwhile, there are not any indication about terrorism have spread to other tourism destinations, so to all the tourist either local tourist or foreign tourist not need to worry to much because authorities have starting the investigation and will pursue the suspect,” said Arief at press conference at his office, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.
Hit By Bomb, Minister of Tourism Appealed Tourist Not Worry For Travel
“Not need to pending the first plan for visiting or traveling to every destination across Indonesia,” Arief added. Before the suicide bombing, the suspect by using motor cycle to the yard of Surakarta Regency Policy Office, Tuesday, 5 July 2016 at 7 AM local time. When the suspect have try to break through inner side of the police office, the suspect have been blocked by one police officer and the suspect have turn back to detonate the bomb directly.

The Chief of Indonesia National Police, Badrodin Haiti have said that the suspect is dead on the spot when the police officer who try to block him name Bripka Bambang Adi have get severe injury. The report from the police have stated that the condition have controlled, safe and conducive.

Meanwhile, the guard from worship place with public and opened area will still in normal condition which like security operation in holiday. Chief of Indonesia National Police who will enter his pension period in this couple week have asking to all police office and its office to be more alertness and awareness. He also have instructed the investigation for this suicided bomber.

Presiden Joko Widodo on his separate press conference have said that people should be calm and not fear for this bombing. Indonesia have frequently getting this kind of terror and We get stronger every time they have carried out their actions. For Muslim who like to have do their Eid Prayer or Sholat Eid at this Holy Eid Day don’t need to worry and fear because police and army have stand by to secure the conditions.