Visit Alor, There is The List Of The Accommodations

As one of sea destinations especially for diving, Alor Regency in East Nusa Tenggara have few place to stay for tourist. Although the accommodation is not so many and most of them have available in the main city which is Kalabahi. The accommodation in Alor is clean enough with the price daftar Sbobet have including with breakfast. There are the list of the accommodation in Alor.

  1. Pulo Alor Hotel
    One of the best hotel in Alor with modern concept. Located in the middle of Kalabahi city which is Mutiara, Mutiara Bay. The hotel have provide facility like refrigerator, Air Conditioner and swimming pool.
  2. Pelangi Indah Hotel
    The hotel is one the first hotel and most popular in Kalabahi, Alor. Located in Diponegoro Street number 34, Kalabahi, Pelangi Indah Hotel have providing air conditioner, television, water heater facility for all the room.
  3. Visit Alor, There is The List Of The Accommodations

  4. CHT Guesthouse
    Although not providing large size room, CHT Guesthouse have providing clean room and have the bathroom inside the bedroom. The facility have met the minimum standard which is air conditioner and television. CHT Guesthouse have located in Jendral Sudirman street, Mutiara Bay, Kalabahi.
  5. Melati Hotel
    The hotel have located in Dr Sutomo street number 1, Kalabahi. This hotel have provide wide room with air conditioner.
  6. Nusa Kenari Indah Hotel
    The hotel have located in very strategic location. This hotel have facility like television and water heater. Located in Pangeran Diponegoro street number 37, Kalabahi. For double room have also added with dinner table, refrigerator and bathub.
  7. Nufitra Hotel
    This hotel have located in Gatot Subroto street number 33, Kalabahi. The concept for this hotel is bungalow which offered more quite sense which very great for tourist who like to relax their mind.
  8. La P’tite Kepa Bungalow and Diving
    Located in Kepa Island, Alor Kecil. This accommodation have using bungalow concept and with its location this is the recommended place for tourist who like to diving. The inn is also very unique because it have been build with Alor local house, Lopo. Beside that this inn is also very eco-friendly.
  9. Alami Alor Dive Resort
    Like La P’tite this accommodation is frequently visited by tourist who like to diving because Sbobet Mobile the resort is near with diving spot. The resort facility like air conditioner. Alami Alor Dive have located at Dewa Wolwal, opposite of Alor Keci.
  10. Alor Divers Eco Resort
    Like its name, this inn have using eco-friendly concept and near with diving spots. The hotel have located in Tengiri Street number 1, Batu, Alor East Beach.