Minister of Tourism : Aceh Have Change To Develop Halal Tourism

Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya have said that Aceh Province is one of region in Indonesia which have change to develop halal tourism.

“Currently, there are three provinces in Indonesia which have change to develop halal tourism and one of them are Aceh,” said Arief Yahya when opening coordinating meeting for culture and tourism sbobet mobile with tagline ‘Aceh as Main Halal Tourism’ in Banda Aceh.

According to Arief, the potential should be explored properly by this province with population about 5 millions people. One of that is giving the best service for every guest who come visiting Aceh.
Minister of Tourism : Aceh Have Change To Develop Halal Tourism
The minister have also said to optimize this halal tourism, there should be starting from halal certification in all subject like service and access with the support from every stakeholders. “Acen have not including in national tourism destination area and I believe with program and progress which have started today, Aceh would take part as national tourism destination. There would very great if Aceh have selected in World Halal Tourism,” said Arief.

According to Minister or Tourism, government have made tourism sector as main sector and for optimize this sector, other ministry have also take a part in supporting this sector to become one of main national income.

“The seriousness from every are in building the sector can be seen in the every region budget allocation for this sector,” said Arief. He have also explain that there are few daftar sbobet strategic steps which can be used to create and develop the Aceh icon together with promoting Indonesia main tourism destination.

Arief have also underline the availability of hotel and restaurant with halal certificate in Aceh. He also all the businessman who have main business in hotel and restaurant to improve their business quality. Arief don’t forget to ask all stakeholder to work together in improving infrastructure and other halal tourism requirement like visa, information, services, attractions and increasing the capacity from accessibility.

The last, Areif have added that tourism would bring prosperity to all people and halal tourism have large market so it is valuable klik here.

7 Aceh’s Unique Food Which Can Be A Souvenirs

Holiday is very incomplete without buying souvenirs or food to take back home. Yes, a souvenirs or like in unique food from our home city or area we visited can become sweetener for our loved ones.

If you have take Aceh as your holidays destination then ensure that you have visiting souvenirs and gifts central to buy some gift. If you visiting that central, are you know what unique food you can take as souvenirs? The Head of Aceh Culture and Tourism Agency, Reza Pahlevi have sharing few recommendation culinary which very good to take home as souvenirs. There are recommendations.

  1. Timphan Cake
    Reza said that a unique cake from Aceh can’t missed to take back home. The name of the cake is Timphan Cake or Kue Timphan which made from glutinous rice flour which filled with plantain or pumpkin and covered by peel a banana leaf. “Generally, Timphan Cake is filled with jell. There are also have cake filled wit Durian but only few outlet have sell it. Timphan cake can stand for 3 days before it can’t be consumed. For buyer who have purchase in large amount and would spend long trip, buyer can asking the outlet for package the cake into box,” said Reza.

    If tourist want to buy Timphan cake, they can find it at coffee shop and traditional cake store at Banda Aceh. One of the place which sold Timphan cake is Solong Ule Kareng coffee shop, Banda Aceh. The price for the is various like jam, Durian and pumpink have sold with price about 2 thousands rupiah per pieces.

  2. Ayam Tangkap
    Gift in cake could be very mainstream for many people. If you like to have something which out of the box, then should try for Ayam Tangkap. Reza have said that, Ayam Tangkap is a chicken culinary which the chicken is fried. Before fried, the chicken have marinated with spice, chicken curry and Pandan leaves. Reza have described that the taste from this dish is crispy and savory because the process of marination.

    “Ayam Tangkap have been in package. The seller have located at Teungku Imim Leung Bata Road, Lamseupeung, Baiturrahman, Banda Aceh. For the store name is Aceh Rayeuk Restaurant and each package for this dish is 60 thousands rupiah,” said Reza.

  3. Adee Meureudu Cake
    One of food recommended to bring home is Adee Meureudu Cake. Reza said that the cake is very popular at Meureudu, Pidie Jaya Regency but have been sold in package in Aceh. “The ingredients from wheat flour and cassava or yam. The cake is Malayan cake so there are crispy which from the fried onions,” explain Reza.

    Tourist can find Ade Meureudu cake at souvenirs central at Banda Aceh – Lhoknga Road, Lampisang Village, Lhoknga District, Aceh Besar Regency. Beside that, toursit is also can find this cake at Lambaro, Aceh Besar. The price for the cae is about 16 thousands to 17 thousands rupiah per package.

  4. Aceh Jerked Meat
    Aceh Jerked Meat can become the choice for tasted together when your city after visiting Aceh for holiday. Reza explain that Jerked Meat is made from beef which sliced thinly, dried and mixed with traditional spice.

    Aceh Jerked Meat can be found at meat shop which located at Cik Di Tiro Road, Banda Aceh or at Aceh market at Peunayong. Tourist can bring this home which have packaged into box.

  5. Aceh Coffee
    There isn’t valid if you have visiting Aceh without trying its Aceh Coffee. Tourist who ever taste the coffee would know the taste from this commodity. Many tourist have bring this Gayo Aceh Coffee as souvenris.

    Reza have said that the place for buying the Aceh Coffee have spread in many location. The most famous is Ulee Kareng which located at Lamreung number 2, Banda Aceh. Beside that Aceh Gayo Coffee is also can be founded at other souvenirs central along Lamreung Road and around Banda Aceh.

  6. Bakpia Aceh
    Bakpai have become traditional food for many Asian countries especially Indonesia. Aceh have also its unique own Bakpia. The most unique from Bakpia Aceh is tourist can buy directly from its factory for buy this souvenirs.

    “The factory is located at Pantai Kasih area, Sabang. The Price is about 13 thousands rupiah. The bakpia can last for about a weeks,” said reza. If you don’t have planning to travel to Sabang, then you can find it at Banda Aceh. Tourist can go to the grocery store at Great Baithurrahman Mosque.

  7. Boi Cake
    Boi Cake is a fish cake which form like fish. Reza said that, Bhoi Cake can be found in almost Aceh Territory and have marketed widely at Lampisang, Peukan Bada and Aceh Besar. “This Aceh cake is similar with traditional from Malay. The print have use fish. Generally it is used for give for bride family in marriage,” said Reza.

    If you want to buy Bhoi Cake, the price is only 8 thousands rupiah in plastic bag. The price varies depending on the cake inside the bag.