Santika Pekalongan, The Best Choice For Hotel When Transit At Pekalongan

One of factor which looking by tourist when transit into one town or city is the accommodation which easy to reach. Beside that, the hotel should be at strategic location, affordable but not twopenny facility.
Santika Pekalongan, The Best Choice For Hotel When Transit At Pekalongan
In average, tourist have looking for inns or hotels at border area don’t spend too much at that hotel. As the example is Pekalongan yang frequently become tourist or travelers who using Java North Beach route or known as Pantura (Pantai Utara Jawa).

This is the reason why Santika Pekalongan Hotel can be choice as hotel at Pekalongan,

“Average our visitors is a transit at Pekalongan before reaching their destination especially for high seasons like Eid Holiday,” said Dinda, receptionist at Santika Pekalongan Hotel.

Santika Pekalongan have 109 rooms which classed into 4 different class, which is superior, deluxe, junior suite and suite. The hotel have featured with fitness center, swimming pool, free breakfast and free car washing services.

The free car washing services is become the main facility from Santika Pekalongan which favorite by visitors which car for their transportation. The distance between Santika Pekalongan with recreation destination at Pekalongan is also only few minutes like Pasir Kencana Beach which only spend for 10 minutes with drive. There are also Batik Kauman village and Batik Pesindon village which can reached with driving for 15 minutes.

For the access, Santika Pekalongan hotel is only distanced for about 15 minutes with driving to nearest Bus Station beside that the hotel is located in front of Pekalongan Railways Station.

Staying at Santika Pekalongan is a good choice especially for you have get too long trip from Jakarta and get tired. Santika Pekalongan have offer the room for about 400 thousands rupiah per night.