End Of Year, Ancol Will Open New Mode

The Dreamland Jaya Ancol have just release new mode in Ocean Dream Samudra and added new three biotas in Seaworld. One of the mode in Ocean Dream Samudra is Dolphin Bay or the mode for interacted with dolphin. While Seaworld have added three biotas which are jellyfish, Pineapplefish and Spider Crab.

“Previously the mode in Ocean Dream Samudra have move into dolphin. We have choose this mode for looking something new which we hope have give new experience for visitor who visiting Ocean Dream Samudra and Seaworld. This choice is take after we have do some research until we find the best option which we will develop. This is truly unique and the only one. So, it can give new more experience and more benefit for our visitor,” said Deputy Director of Recreation from Jaya Ancol Dream Land, Agus Sudarno.

In Dolphin Bay mode, visitor can swim together with dolphins and have pose with dolphins. Swim with dolphins have become one of therapy for children who need special treatment like autism. The visitors will charge with Rp 500.000 for swimming with 4 couples of dolphin for 45 minutes. While for pose with dolphins, visitor will charge with Rp 50.000. For entrance ticket to Ocean Dream Samudra is charge with Rp 95.000.

For see the new three biotas in Seaworld which is jellyfish, pineapplefish and spider crab, visitor is only charged the entry ticket to Seaworld which is Rp 80.000. There is not only new biotas and mode, special for Merry Christmas and New Year, visitor can view the diver who wear the Santa Claus feeding the fish in Seaworld special at 24th, 25th and 31st December 2016 and 1st January 2017 in 11.00 AM, 14.00 PM and 16.30 PM.

Citilink Have Returned To Serve The Flight From Jakarta To Jeddah

The low cost carrier Citilink Indonesia have returned to serve the flight from Jakarta to Jeddah. The route to holy land have start operate from 7 December 2016 till June 2017.

“Citilink Indonesia have re-serve the flight for 2016-2017 umrah with the schedule three times a a week,” said CEO Citilink Indonesia, Albert Buhan. The flight have operate every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and depart from 22.05 WIB. The planes which used for serve this route Sbobet Mobile are the Airbus A320 with capacity about 180 passengers.
Citilink Have Returned To Serve The Flight From Jakarta To Jeddah
“Although Citilink is a low cost carrier, we are ready to giving extra service to ensure the passenger still have comfortable trip to holy land,” Said Albert. The extra services are like additional crew like pilot and stewardess and the three time meals option daftar Sbobet for the passenger when the flight to Jeddah.

The flight from Jakarta to Jeddah would spend time about 13 hours with two times transit which is Medan and Ahmadabad for refueling. Citilink have targeted from this route they can carry at least 12.600 passenger from December 2016 to June 2017

Order Room In Hotel At Last Minute, Benefit Or Loss

Order the accommodation in last minute have been take by many Indonesia tourist or businessman who like to visit some place. Deputy CEO Pegipegi.com Ryan Kartawidjaja have said that 50 percents of the booking have been take one day before or the day when they arrive.

“People of Indonesia is the last minute type. Many of the booking without promo code even though there are available promo. There are not noticed by customer Teman 4D or other reason,” said Ryan. According to Ryan, booking the accommodation at last minute have its cons.
Order Room In Hotel At Last Minute, Benefit Or Loss
“Not only from the price but the availability of the room. We have recommended for everyone to book the accommodation agen togel before arriving the destination. If it can be one week before arrive the destination,” said Ryan.

One week before, according to Ryan is the minimal time to book the hotel. Compare for book a hotel, Indonesian is move faster in book transportation. From Pegipegi’s internal data, Ryan have revealed that at November, 25 percents have book the railways ticket, 15 percents for airline ticket and only 12 percents who have book a hotel for the end of this year.

Pegipegi have targeted the increase the book for end of 2016 year holidays about three times from the book of December 2015. To achieve the target, Pegipegi have release Kado Promo which have 50 percents discount for hotel, airline and railways booking.

“There are 7 scheme we have prepared and we will release it soon. For customer daftar togel can check directly at Pegipegi.com in this next December or check their e-mail if they have subscribe Pegipegi.com.

Ministry of Tourism Have Support Borobudur Marathon 2016

Ministry of Tourism have supported the held of Borobudur Marathon 2016 event which will take place in Magelang Regency, Central Java at 20 November 2016. This event is hoped to become the event to develop national athletes beside promote the Central Java tourism especially Borobudur Temple destination as the priority destination.

In the press conference, the representative from Ministry of Tourism which represent by Public Communication and Law Bureau have said that Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya appreciate the event which hoped can give positive impact in people economy because it would drive a lot of visitor starting from athletes and tourists.
Ministry of Tourism Have Support Borobudur Marathon 2016
“Borobudur should be promoted routinely which can be used the sport tourism event like Borobudur Marathon 2016 of increase the tourist visit to this destination which targeted reach 2 millions tourists at 2019. For the comparison, the Angkor Wat in Cambodia have been visited by 2,5 million tourist when Borobudur Temple, Prambanan and Ratu Boko is only attact 471 thousand foreign tourist and 5 million local tourist,” said Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya when attending Borobudur Marathon 2016 press conference together with Governor of Central Java Ganjar Pranowo.

Miniter of Tourism Arief Yahya explained that for pursuit the Angkor Wat, government should reform the management system from single destination-multi management into single destination-single management like create Borobudur Authority Agency which will Include Sangiran, Java Karimun, Dieng and Joglo Semar.

The form of the Authority Agency is one of regulation breakthrough in fasten the increase of foreign tourist visit to the target 2 million foreign tourist at 2019,” said the former President Director of Telkom Indonesia.

Governor of Central Java Ganjar Pranowo said that the held of Borobudur Marathon 2016 is the realization from cooperation between Government of Central Java Province with Central Government which is Jakarta. Ganjar is also appreciate all the stakeholders like Government of Magelang Regency, Central Java Bank, PB PASI, Pengprov PASI Central Java and Pengda PASI Magelang Regency.

Borobudur Marathon have been started since 1989 after that is only have 10 kilometers category starting from 2014 then 2015 there is a half marathon which take about 21 kilometers. “At this year beside the popular 10 kilometers category, there are half marathon, full marathon and also ultra marathon with ambassador and celebrity run which only take 3 kilometers. For Ambassador and celebrity run it will participated by all ambassador from friend country for Indonesia and actress. Overall the participants of Borobudur Marathon 2016 is predicted would reach about 20 thousand people. For the Prize, we have prepare about Rp 4 billions,” said Ganjar.

For 10 kilometer marathon, half marathon, full marathon and ambassador and celebrity run would start at Lumbini Garden and finish line is also Lumbini Garden which located in Borobudur Temple area. For ultra marathon it would start from Ambarawa Railway Station and finish line at Lumbini Garden.

Tips For Getting Cheap Airline Ticket For End Of Year Holiday

Although end of year still in count of months, there is not wrong if you have starting to prepare travel itinerary and book the plane ticket from now. However, ahead end of year, generally the ticket price will become more expensive.

How we can get the cheap airline ticket for end of year holiday?
Tips For Getting Cheap Airline Ticket For End Of Year Holiday
Chief Communication Office and Co-Founder from Tiket.com Gaery Undarsa have shared few tips for getting cheap airline ticket,

  • Purchase 2 Ways Airline Ticket
    If you want travel to aboard, Gaery said that there is better if you have book the situs poker ticket for 2 ways. The airline, generally will give cheaper price if compare you buying one way ticket.
  • Buy When Shoulder Season
    Beside the high season and low season terms, there are one more term for determine holiday season. The terms is a shoulder season. According to Gaery, shoulder season is the season between high season and low season. Generally shoulder season is about before 20 December and the ticket price is relative cheaper.”Before 20 December there is available to getting cheaper airline ticket, but every airline have different shoulder season,” said Gaery.
  • Pay Attention on Online Travel Agent
    Every online travel agent have generally offer daftar poker different airline ticket promotions. Ahead end of year, there is recommended for you to pay attention on online travel agents which have offered airline tickets.
  • Choose The Airline After 14.00 O’clock
    Gaery have said that departure time is also influence the ticket price. The flight after 2 or 3 o’clock afternoon generally have cheaper price. According to him, the flight with departure time in morning like 09.00 o’clock. He opine, this different price for different departure time cause by people who departure time in morning can spend more time in the their destinations place.>/li>
  • Choose Working Time
    Beside the evening time, the flight when working day or weekdays generally offered the cheaper price. Gaery have said that, airline Teman Poker99 generally give the high price at weekend. According to him, at weekend the demand of flight ticket is very high which make the price become more expensive.
  • Book as Fast as Possible
    Don’t waiting too long if you like to order airline ticket. According to Gaery, The more closer the ticket with departure, the price would be more expensive.
  • Buy Separately
    If you want to have holiday with whole family, there is better if you purchase the ticket separately. Gaery explained that one person is only getting 2 cheap ticket. “If purchase in bulk there would be more expensive. If talking about airline there is generally we found the ticket class and Airlines are frequently want to sell out the cheap ticket first,” said Gaery.