Dinner Like Sultan At Cirebon Sultanate Is Only 25 Thousands Rupiah

Dinner at park with twilight light, complete with golden chariot and sultan’s chair decoration at Sultanate are, who don’t want it? You can feel the sensation to become the king or queen with only paying for 25 thousands rupiah.

This restaurant is opened by Cirebon Sultanate for tourist who like to know the sensation of dinner in the style of Sultanate. Pawon Bogana is the name of the restaurant which manage and operate by Cirebon Sultanate and opened for public. This restaurant is located in Agen Sbobet Sultanate Area which exactly at Pulasaren, Cirebon
Dinner Like Sultan At Cirebon Sultanate Is Only 25 Thousands Rupiah
“The best menu at this restaurant is Bogana Rice atau Nasi Bogana. This rice is frequently eat by past Sultans which the recipe have been handed down generation by generation,” said Edi, the person in charge which also the coordinator from Pawon Bogana Restaurant. The Nasi Bogana is a yellow rice which accompany by many side dish like yellow chicken curry, tofu, tempeh and boiled egg.

“Many people have wrong perception about Bogana Rice which their presume the rice is made from coconut milk but in the real the rice is made from turmeric,” said Edi. When tasted, Bogana Rice is very different with yellow rice which have been processed with coconut milk. The turmeric at here is only as fragrant for rice. The most great taste is coming from the yellow chicken curry which cooked with various spices together with thick coconut milk.

The most interesting thing is on the location of the restaurant which located in front of residence from Cirebon Sultanate. The backyard of Pawon Bogana Restaurant is a Sultan Residence so there unsurprisingly if there are occasional time if visitor have met with the Sultan. Pawon Bogana is open from 12 PM and close at 10 PM. Pawon Bogana is frequently used as the gathering place for community because its large area both its indoor or outdoor. The price is 25 thousands rupiah for Bogana Rice and 8 thousands rupiah for fresh drink like Wedang Jeruk Nipis or Lemon Tea

Holiday At Semarang, Take Your Family To First Indoor Theme Park At Central Java

One of family holiday destinations which very recommended for this Holy Eid Day holidays is visiting Plaplay at Semarang. Plaplay is the first indoor theme park at Central Java and for this Eid holidays, the management have offering special promo and discount.

Located at Semarang Town Square or SETOS, Gajahmada Inspection Road, tourist only spend 30 minutes from exit gate of Jatingaleh toll which directed to Pandanaran road before turn into Gajahmada Inspection Road.
Holiday At Semarang, Take Your Family To First Indoor Theme Park At Central Java
For parents who like spend holiday time with whole family around Central Java, there aren’t wrong if trying visiting this theme par. Various rides inside this three-storey building is claimed as very safety and user-friendly for everyone, both of kids and adults. “Rides at Plaplay can be enjoyed every ages, starting kids with age of starting education like playgroup to adult,” said Rudy, Marketing Communication in Plaplay.

Rudy have also said that inside Plaplay have more than 16 rides which have operated especially for this Eid holidays. Some of the rides are Energy Claw, Baby Fun, Driving School and 5D Theater. All the rides have been spread from first floor into third floor which every floor have different theme. The first floor theme have Pirates Park when the second is Jungle Land and the last floor or third floor is Candy Land.

For this holiday promotion, Plaplay have offering one free ticket every visitor have purchase 10 tickets. Plaplay have also come with unlimited seasonal tickets which priced with 120 thousands rupiah and also 5 times playing tickets for 80 thousands rupiah. Beside that there are also have companion tickets which priced for 20 thousands rupiah. This companion ticket is for visitor who only want to company their family or friend and don’t want to try the rides. The companion ticket can exchange with donut with ice tea.

Beside the indoor, tourist have also can using Plaplay Citytour Special Rides to travel around Semarang city. The ticket is only 150 thousands rupiah per person. The tourist would be take to travel around Semarang city using Plaplay tour bus to few spots in Semarang like Lawang Sewu.

This promo is only valid until 17 Juli 2016. For operation time, Plaplay have operate from 10.00 AM to 18.00 PM when 6 July is Holy Eid Day so the Plaplay is only operate starting 11.00 AM to 22.00 AM.

Hit By Bomb, Minister of Tourism Appealed Tourist Not Worry For Travel

Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya appealed tourist not need to worry for travel due to bombing at Solo Tuesday, 5 Juli 2016 morning. He stated that all tourism objects at Indonesia are still safety and conducive.

“Meanwhile, there are not any indication about terrorism have spread to other tourism destinations, so to all the tourist either local tourist or foreign tourist not need to worry to much because authorities have starting the investigation and will pursue the suspect,” said Arief at press conference at his office, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.
Hit By Bomb, Minister of Tourism Appealed Tourist Not Worry For Travel
“Not need to pending the first plan for visiting or traveling to every destination across Indonesia,” Arief added. Before the suicide bombing, the suspect by using motor cycle to the yard of Surakarta Regency Policy Office, Tuesday, 5 July 2016 at 7 AM local time. When the suspect have try to break through inner side of the police office, the suspect have been blocked by one police officer and the suspect have turn back to detonate the bomb directly.

The Chief of Indonesia National Police, Badrodin Haiti have said that the suspect is dead on the spot when the police officer who try to block him name Bripka Bambang Adi have get severe injury. The report from the police have stated that the condition have controlled, safe and conducive.

Meanwhile, the guard from worship place with public and opened area will still in normal condition which like security operation in holiday. Chief of Indonesia National Police who will enter his pension period in this couple week have asking to all police office and its office to be more alertness and awareness. He also have instructed the investigation for this suicided bomber.

Presiden Joko Widodo on his separate press conference have said that people should be calm and not fear for this bombing. Indonesia have frequently getting this kind of terror and We get stronger every time they have carried out their actions. For Muslim who like to have do their Eid Prayer or Sholat Eid at this Holy Eid Day don’t need to worry and fear because police and army have stand by to secure the conditions.

The Best Destination In The World At 2016, Bali At What Positions ?

Bali can be said as one of most favorite destination in the world. Many tourist more know Bali than Indonesia. There are not suprisingly if island which known as Devas Island have listed in 25 the best destination in 2016 according to AS News & World Report.
The Best Destination In The World At 2016 Bali At What Positions
The destination which have positioned at first place is Great Barrier Reef which located at Queensland, Australia. The sea with largest coral reefs ecosystem is also listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of reason why Great Barrier Reef have become the first rank because its existence are endangered. Quote from CNN, Tuesday 5 July 2016, Great Barrier Reef endangered because the water temperature have rise which cause bleaching of the reef massively.

When the water temperature have rise, small algae which live at the reef or know as zooxanthellae will dispose. This is the reason why the reef become white. Due to that, tourist have be advice to visit Great Barrier Reef this year.

In the same list, Grand Canyon National Park have sit on the top of United State destination, British Virgin Island become the top Carribean Spot, and Vancouver have become the Top Canadian Spot. Rome City, Italy have become the Top Spot in Europe.

In Asia, Bali become the one of the top destination beside Tokyo and Hong Kong. This island have sit at 22th rank from the best destination in the world for AS News & World Report 2016 version. It sit above San Francisco and Budapest.

There are the 25 best destination in the world according to AS News & World Report 2016,

  1. Great Barrier Reef, Australia
  2. Paris, France
  3. Bora Bora, France Polynesia
  4. Florence, Italy
  5. Tokyo, Japan
  6. Cusco, Peru
  7. London, England
  8. Rome, Italy
  9. New York, United State
  10. Maui Hawaii
  11. Cape Town, South Africa
  12. Barcelona, Spain
  13. Sydney, Australia
  14. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  15. Yellowstone national Park, United State
  16. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  17. Hong Kong
  18. Cairo, Egypt
  19. Washington DC, United States
  20. British Virgin Islands
  21. Bali, Indonesia
  22. San Francisco, California
  23. Budapest, Hungary

Homecoming To Medan ? Try These 2 New Rides At Mikie Funland

One of most popular resort at North Sumatra, Mikie Funland which located at Brastagi, North Sumatra have release its newest 2 rides for this Eid Day Holidays. These rides is a ride which build to be enjoyed by whole family.

If you have homecoming to Medan, there are very recommended to take your family and lovely kids to visit Mikie Funland. This is the first theme park at North Sumatra and one of most famous at North Sumatra. Mikie Funland located at Jamin Ginting Road KM 50, Pecen Village District Brastagi. At this park, there are a lot of rides which can be played. Starting from Bon Voyage, Bubble Cab, Butterfly, Jelly Swing to Roller Coaster, Dino Tracker and Buzz Coaster. Totally, Mikie Funland have 40 rides which can be played all time.
Homecoming To Medan ? Try These 2 New Rides At Mikie Funland
For this Eid Day Holidays, you can try 2 newest rides which opened 2 last month. Those rides are Fly Up and Bumper Bee. “We have 2 new rides, Fly Up and Bumper Bee. Both of then officially opened at 25 June 2016” said Simor Barus, Sales Promotion Online Mikie Funland at Monday, 4 July 2016.

Fly Up is a swing which will carry its rider to certain height and maintain the ride in spinning condition. Bumper Bee is a new model of bom-bom car which the car is designed like bee. Bumper Bee is very suitable for ride with kids. Beside the rides, there are costume parade which held at 6 to 10 Juli 2016. The parade is held three times a day which 11.00 WIB, 14.00 WIB and 16.00 WIB. The costume have various starting from clown, octopus, bee and other popular animal characters.

For entry ticket, Mikie Funland have charged 120 thousands rupiah per person. For this Eid Day Holidays, Mikie Management have give discount for entry ticket which only 96 thousands rupiah per person which purchasing from Ticket.com. The Promo have valid to 19 February 2017.