Indonesia Tourism Destinations Haven’t Enough Friendly For Tourist With Disabilities

Few college students from Hospitality and Tourism Study Program at Vocation Education of University of Brawijaya, Malang, East Java have held the anniversary of World Tourism Day at Malang City Hall at 27 September.

In the event, they have focus on Indonesia tourism which not friendly for tourist with disabilities. The head of Tourism and Hospitality Program Study at Vocation Education of University of Brawijawa, Ahmad Faidlal Rahman have said that the action have bring the tagline “Tourism For All”. This tagline have meaning that all Indonesia tourism destination situs poker should be accommodated all tourist especially for tourist with disabilities.
Indonesia Tourism Destinations Haven't Enough Friendly For Tourist With Disabilities
According to Faidlal, Indonesia still don’t have any facility which can accommodate disabilities to enjoy the destinations. Some of the facility is providing the equipment or tools for tourist who unable to walk and providing facility for tourist who unable to see.

“People with disabilities should get the similar opportunities. Every tourism destination should be have tools or equipment which can be accessed by disabilities. All this time, almost all the tourism destinations can only enjoyed by ordinary tourist without disabilities,” explain Faidlal.

Faidlal have hoped that Ministry of Tourism can regulate the standards for tourism location daftar poker with including the criteria which can accommodate disabilities. “This is very important, beside the regulation, we also need the media for tourist with disabilities to explain the detail about the destination,” continue Faidlal.

In other side, tourism destination should also provide benefit for local people. One of that is develop the destination together with local people. “How local people can take a part in develop the tourism but should maintain professional standard,” said him.

Related to facility for disabilities, Faidlal added that most of country have not focus on that. There is not Europe which have concern with Teman Poker99 that and it can become Indonesia opportunity to attract more tourist.