Indonesia Become Favorite Destination For Australian Tourists

Indonesia’s Ambassador for Australia, Nadjib Riphat Kesoema said that Indonesia have become one of most favorite destination for Australian Tourists right now, replace New Zealand.

“Various nature riches and beauty, culture and tourism facility have made Indonesia become attractions for Australian Tourist,” said Nadjib, Satuday 23 Juli 2016. Nadjib said that when attending promotion event which organized by Ministry of Tourism cooperating with Australia Embassy at Hotel Hyatt, Canberra.
Indonesia Become Favorite Destination For Australian Tourists
According to Nadjib beside helping to promote understanding between two countries and the best is the tourism sector can create jobs in Indonesia. Nadjib have added that he is very agree the similar event can be held in few Australia City like Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

The event is help tour operator in Australia to arrange the meeting with their partner in Indonesia directly. All this time, Indonesia embassy with Indonesia Representative in Australia have utilized few events which held by Indonesia Consulate General and following Australia tourism and social culture calendar either from Government or Australia Private Sector as their main priority to attract tourist.

Ambassador have ask the tourism company at Australia to have Australian to visit other destination at Indonesia beside Bali Island. According to Indonesia Embassy, almost 85 percents from 1,2 millions Australia tourist have visit Bali 2015.

Nadjob offer few alternate tourist destination at Indonesia such as Toraja, Toba Lake, Raja Ampat, Labuhan Bajo, Thousands Island, Borobudur Temple, Tanjung Kalayang, Bromo, Wakatobi and Morotai Island. Beside that, Deputy Director of International Marketing Ministry Of Tourism, Agustini Rahayu have explained that tourist visited Indonesia have increase this lately time.

She have noted in this May there are increase about 16,4 percents if compare to same period in 2014. Currently, Australia have become top 4 countries which contributor foreign tourist for Indonesia below Singapore, Malaysia and China.

Agustini have optimistic through “Wonderful Indonesia” campaign, the trends for Australia Tourist who visit Indonesia would increase and give big contribution into Indonesia 12 million foreign tourist target in end of 2016. Especially for Australia, Ministry of Tourism have hope there would be 1,4 million tourists will visit Indonesia at 2016.