How To Determine Backpack Size For Hiking

Hiking or mount climbing is require proper preparation. The bag like backpack is very important but when we have talk about hiking or mount climbing the backpack is not the ordinary backpack. When choosing a backpack, we would face various size of backpack and the size have mark in liters.

There are few way to determine backpack size to hiking which shared by Guide of Consina Mount Climbing and Hiking, Virgo Dirgantara and Brand Ambassador Eiger, Noerhuda,

  • Know the hiking or climbing duration
    Before buying the backpack for hiking, we should know how long the hiking will be spend or taken. The duration of 1 to 2 days is quite different with hiking with duration 6 days. “The most general backpack is 45 liters for 3 days hiking. Above 45 liters there are 75 liters for more than 6 days and the smallest is 20 liters for below 3 days hiking duration,” said Noerhuda.

    The backpack with small size like 20 or 28 liters could uncomfortable used for hiking with long duration like 6 days.

  • Items will be taken
    Items which will carry have influenced the size of the backpack. The equipments and tools for hiking is relative require a lot of space. Noerhuda have said that there are trend of ultra light hiking which not require to carry a lot of item like ordinary hiking. Ultra light hiking is a way of hiking which focus on carry tools and supply with minimum weight without remove the most important functions from those tools and supplies.
    How To Determine Backpack Size For Hiking
    Items carried for hiking two different characteristic mountains can influence the backpack. As the example is hiking in mountain with standard temperature or quite high would make us to carry thinner sleeping bag and it also work vice versa.
  • Know the mountain will be climbed or hiked
    Knowing the mountain the mountain characteristic would be quite helpful because it can be the factor in choosing backpack. Climbing the snowy mountain is very different with tropical mountain. In snowy mountain, the items will be used is quite bigger but lighter than tropical mountains.
  • Body weight
    Choosing the backpack size if also determine by your body weight. The best one is the backpack which can carry weight about third from your weight. If you have weight about 60 kg then the bag should be can carry about 20 kg.

    This backpack weight formula have been used to avoid injury on our back due to carry heavy backpack because there are few cases of hiker which get injury by carry heavy backpack when hiking.

  • Trip partners
    The size of the backpack which use by your partners or friends could be consideration factor. This is cause by hiking mountain habitually is a group activity and the logistic from the hiking should be distribute evenly to every member from the group.

    The best size is 60 liters. The 60 liters size can be used for hiking with short distance like 2-3 days or it can be 6 days as long as the distribution of the item is even between the other member in the trip.