Holiday At Semarang, Take Your Family To First Indoor Theme Park At Central Java

One of family holiday destinations which very recommended for this Holy Eid Day holidays is visiting Plaplay at Semarang. Plaplay is the first indoor theme park at Central Java and for this Eid holidays, the management have offering special promo and discount.

Located at Semarang Town Square or SETOS, Gajahmada Inspection Road, tourist only spend 30 minutes from exit gate of Jatingaleh toll which directed to Pandanaran road before turn into Gajahmada Inspection Road.
Holiday At Semarang, Take Your Family To First Indoor Theme Park At Central Java
For parents who like spend holiday time with whole family around Central Java, there aren’t wrong if trying visiting this theme par. Various rides inside this three-storey building is claimed as very safety and user-friendly for everyone, both of kids and adults. “Rides at Plaplay can be enjoyed every ages, starting kids with age of starting education like playgroup to adult,” said Rudy, Marketing Communication in Plaplay.

Rudy have also said that inside Plaplay have more than 16 rides which have operated especially for this Eid holidays. Some of the rides are Energy Claw, Baby Fun, Driving School and 5D Theater. All the rides have been spread from first floor into third floor which every floor have different theme. The first floor theme have Pirates Park when the second is Jungle Land and the last floor or third floor is Candy Land.

For this holiday promotion, Plaplay have offering one free ticket every visitor have purchase 10 tickets. Plaplay have also come with unlimited seasonal tickets which priced with 120 thousands rupiah and also 5 times playing tickets for 80 thousands rupiah. Beside that there are also have companion tickets which priced for 20 thousands rupiah. This companion ticket is for visitor who only want to company their family or friend and don’t want to try the rides. The companion ticket can exchange with donut with ice tea.

Beside the indoor, tourist have also can using Plaplay Citytour Special Rides to travel around Semarang city. The ticket is only 150 thousands rupiah per person. The tourist would be take to travel around Semarang city using Plaplay tour bus to few spots in Semarang like Lawang Sewu.

This promo is only valid until 17 Juli 2016. For operation time, Plaplay have operate from 10.00 AM to 18.00 PM when 6 July is Holy Eid Day so the Plaplay is only operate starting 11.00 AM to 22.00 AM.