Go To Toraja If Want To Feel Land Above The Clouds

North Toraja, South Sulawesi have offer new destination todays. Every week, there are thousands people go to Lolai, a small village at Kapalapitu district.

The coming of this thousands people because they want to fell the sensation standing above the clouds. In nighttime to morning about 10 o’clock, that place which have height above 1400 meters is looks like above the clouds.
Go To Toraja If Want To Feel Land Above The Clouds
Why not, from a yard where the place of Tongkonan Lempe built, visitor can come to see the below scenery which cover by clouds. The top in far away gush between the cloud which outspread. widely. Occasionally, the movement of the clouds have made the visitor can see the village at below. Rantepao which become the central of North Toraja have seen in far away below the clouds.

“If evening and there are not to many clouds, Rantepao city looks very beautiful with its light,” said Yunus Rantetoding, one of people who manage this tourism location. When in evening, the light of Rantepao have added the scenery. The city is looks like similar when we have in plane. When sunrise, Tongkonan building which Toraja unique building have give another beautify scenery.

Lolai is lcoated at a group of mountains with beautiful scenery. From Rantepao, the destination can reach in 30 minutes with vehicle. The managers which the owner from Tongkonan Tempe is also charge the visitor with voluntary parking fee. “We don’t have set the fee, the visitor is only pay for their want, how much able to pay,” said Yunus.

In their wide yard, there are available few tent which can be rented by tourist at night. The rent is also very affordable, only 80 thousands rupiah for large tent and 50 thousands rupiah for smaller one. Few terraces of Tongkonan Lempe also crowded by people for enjoy the scene and fresh mountain air with accompany by Toraja Coffee. Tourist who like to stay can also rent the Tongkonan as the homestay.

For visitor who like to see the sunrise is very recommended to take a jacket or warm clothes because weather in Lolai which called as Land Above The Clouds is very cold at night. Waiting the sunrise would be become unforgetten moment because we can see the clouds have rise slowly from lowland into Lolai. In some moment, visitor will looks like standing on clouds because the clouds could be parallel with our standing place at Tongkonan Tempe. Although just opened for one year, now Lolai have become one of most favorite destination in North Toraja. All the tourist who come to Toraja won’t missed to visit Lolai.

Toraja is known as Amazing Land because its scenery which combined with local traditions and culture which still keep until today.