Eid Holiday, Prigen Zoo Crowded By Tourist

Incoming this Eid Holiday, tour destination in Pasuruan Regency, East Java, Prigen II Zoo have been crowded by tourist.

“The Tourists have increase three to four times from usual number at weekend like Saturday and Sunday,” said Director of Sales and Marketing Prigen II Zoo, Tirtasari, Friday 8 July 2016. The number of visitor is predicted will increase until Eid Holiday over. For the the peak, Prigen II Zoo have predicted Saturday 8 July and Sunday 10 July will become the peak moment.
Eid Holiday, Prigen Zoo Crowded By Tourist
“According to previous year experience, there would be more visitor coming to zoo at Saturday and Sunday. Monday would still crowded but can as crowd as Saturday and Sunday,” explain Tirtasari. For anticipate overcrowded in zoo, Prigen management have open up 9 entry counters from 3 entry counters as standard time beside that the team and staff in zoo area is also added to help visitor.

The bus which used to carry visitor around the to see animals in the zoo is also added including security team. Not only added in staff, management also build few rides and have held animals parade. The parade will be shown up Reog Ponorogo Dance which accompany by Elephant, Camel and Pony Horse.

“The animals parade is starting from 7 July to 10 July. The parade is walking across from one point to Prigen Zoo H parking yard,” said Tirtasari. For visitor origins, Tirta have said its various starting from Java Island to Outside Java. “There are Surabaya, Malang, Central Java and some from Sumatera or Bali,” explain Tirtasari