Do These When Your Plane Have Turbulence

Turbulence or shocks is one of thing that afraid by airplane passengers. Even though, turbulence is a very natural thing when plane in air.

Not only cause by bad weather, turbulence is also can happen when sunny weather. The most dangerous thing when turbulence is on the time which limited to warn all passenger. There are few tips for passengers when there are turbulence in their plane. These tips would help to be more calm and relaxed then there are turbulence which many people could be panic.
Do These When Your Plane Have Turbulence

  1. Read Instruction Book
    Many passenger have obey this book. Instruction book generally is keep in the bag of your front seat. When there are turbulence, try to read it as fast as you can to make you keep alert when there are anything happen.
  2. Go To Toilet Before Takeoff
    Before plane have takeoff, ensure you have used toilet if you have used it either before plane takeoff or plane in stable condition. Turbulence can be happen anytime, due to that there are very recommended that have used toilet at boarding gate before entering plane if you have used the toiled in plane then used it before takeoff or plane in stable condition.
  3. Safety Belt
    When have turbulence, stay at seat and used safety belt. Sometime, the hard shock can cause impact. You can leave a seat like to toilet when the light for safety belt sign have been turned off. For you have bring baby, ask to stewardess for baby safety belt.
  4. Pay Attention For Luggage In Cabin
    Pay attention for luggage in cabin which you carry. When turbulence, there are possible the door of the cabin would opened and the luggage can drop down. Pay attention inside cabin so you can anticipate when door is opened anytime.
  5. Relax
    The most important thing should do to stay calm. Do every pilot instructions like fasten the safety belt. Praying is also can help you become more calm because calm condition can help you to think clearly.