Dinner Like Sultan At Cirebon Sultanate Is Only 25 Thousands Rupiah

Dinner at park with twilight light, complete with golden chariot and sultan’s chair decoration at Sultanate are, who don’t want it? You can feel the sensation to become the king or queen with only paying for 25 thousands rupiah.

This restaurant is opened by Cirebon Sultanate for tourist who like to know the sensation of dinner in the style of Sultanate. Pawon Bogana is the name of the restaurant which manage and operate by Cirebon Sultanate and opened for public. This restaurant is located in Agen Sbobet Sultanate Area which exactly at Pulasaren, Cirebon
Dinner Like Sultan At Cirebon Sultanate Is Only 25 Thousands Rupiah
“The best menu at this restaurant is Bogana Rice atau Nasi Bogana. This rice is frequently eat by past Sultans which the recipe have been handed down generation by generation,” said Edi, the person in charge which also the coordinator from Pawon Bogana Restaurant. The Nasi Bogana is a yellow rice which accompany by many side dish like yellow chicken curry, tofu, tempeh and boiled egg.

“Many people have wrong perception about Bogana Rice which their presume the rice is made from coconut milk but in the real the rice is made from turmeric,” said Edi. When tasted, Bogana Rice is very different with yellow rice which have been processed with coconut milk. The turmeric at here is only as fragrant for rice. The most great taste is coming from the yellow chicken curry which cooked with various spices together with thick coconut milk.

The most interesting thing is on the location of the restaurant which located in front of residence from Cirebon Sultanate. The backyard of Pawon Bogana Restaurant is a Sultan Residence so there unsurprisingly if there are occasional time if visitor have met with the Sultan. Pawon Bogana is open from 12 PM and close at 10 PM. Pawon Bogana is frequently used as the gathering place for community because its large area both its indoor or outdoor. The price is 25 thousands rupiah for Bogana Rice and 8 thousands rupiah for fresh drink like Wedang Jeruk Nipis or Lemon Tea