4 Points You Should Concern Before Book Airline Ticket

There are a lot of airline which offered cheap ticket promotion. The price of the ticket could tantalize everyone especially for travelers. However before book daftar togel the ticket here are few important points you should concern especially if you want to travel to abroad.

There are at least 4 points we should consider before book the airline ticket. This is the list,

  1. The Location of the Destination Airport
    There are a lot of tourist who book the ticket to wrong airport. Before booking, there are very wise if you have gather more information about your destination airport. Generally, major city in one country have more than one airport like the example is Jakarta which have two airports which located far each other. Halim Perdanakusuma in East Jakarta and Soekarno Hatta in Cengkareng.

    There is also happen in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand which have two airport which the largest are Suvarnabhumi as the main airport and Don Mueang as the supporting airport. Other city we can find is Tokyo with Narita Airport and Haneda Airport.

    Ensure the location of the airport have adjusted with our destination. Don’t you get be at a loss for finding the public transportation agen togel because the distance between the airport with the hotel too far away.

  2. 4 Points You Should Concern Before Book Airline Ticket

  3. The Transit Time
    There are sure that no one tourist want to transit for long time in one airport except they have some activity in that city. However the short transit time should be also avoided. Imagine if you only have a half hour for transit time in major airports like KLIA in Malaysia or DUbai International Airport in United Arab Emirates which known for their rushing.

    There are recommended to taking the flight with minimum transit time about one hour. There would be more safety if you take the flight with transit time about 2-3 hours. This is very important to anticipate your will miss the flight if your first flight get delayed.

  4. The Airlines
    The low cost carries have offered with cheap ticket price. However, there are better if you view the terms and condition for you baggage and adjust the stuff you carry. If you carry many of stuffs, there are great if you waiting for the full service promo. However if you are backpacker who don’t carry a lot of stuffs then LCC is a great choice.
  5. The Passport Validity
    Before booking the ticket, don’t forget to re-check the validity date of your passport. Generally, tourist have Teman 4D book the ticket from far days without knowing that their passport will be expired soon. The minimum line for passport validity is 6 months. If have reaching 6 months, there are better if you extend the passport validity before book the airline ticket.

End Of Year, Ancol Will Open New Mode

The Dreamland Jaya Ancol have just release new mode in Ocean Dream Samudra and added new three biotas in Seaworld. One of the mode in Ocean Dream Samudra is Dolphin Bay or the mode for interacted with dolphin. While Seaworld have added three biotas which are jellyfish, Pineapplefish and Spider Crab.

“Previously the mode in Ocean Dream Samudra have move into dolphin. We have choose this mode for looking something new which we hope have give new experience for visitor who visiting Ocean Dream Samudra and Seaworld. This choice is take after we have do some research until we find the best option which we will develop. This is truly unique and the only one. So, it can give new more experience and more benefit for our visitor,” said Deputy Director of Recreation from Jaya Ancol Dream Land, Agus Sudarno.

In Dolphin Bay mode, visitor can swim together with dolphins and have pose with dolphins. Swim with dolphins have become one of therapy for children who need special treatment like autism. The visitors will charge with Rp 500.000 for swimming with 4 couples of dolphin for 45 minutes. While for pose with dolphins, visitor will charge with Rp 50.000. For entrance ticket to Ocean Dream Samudra is charge with Rp 95.000.

For see the new three biotas in Seaworld which is jellyfish, pineapplefish and spider crab, visitor is only charged the entry ticket to Seaworld which is Rp 80.000. There is not only new biotas and mode, special for Merry Christmas and New Year, visitor can view the diver who wear the Santa Claus feeding the fish in Seaworld special at 24th, 25th and 31st December 2016 and 1st January 2017 in 11.00 AM, 14.00 PM and 16.30 PM.

Beside G-Land, Ijen And Sukamade Ready To Promote Aboard

After the iconic surfing destination in G-Land Beach at Bayuwangi have been promoted in New York, United States of America together with Borobudur Temple and Comodo Dragon National Park, there is planned to promote another two destinations from Banyuwangi in abroad.

Those two destinations is Ijen Mountain and Sukamade Beach. Those planning have been revealed by temporary Head of Banyuwangi Tourism Agency My Bramuda. According to Bramuda, if G-Land have represent the beach tourism, then Ijen Mountain agen togel which been popular with its blue fire will represent mountain and highland tourism and Sukamade which known as place for turtle hatching its eggs would be represent adventure tourism because to reach Sukamade, tourist must get through a heavy area.
Beside G-Land, Ijen And Sukamade Ready To Promote Aboard
“This is one for great support from Ministry of Tourism for Banyuwangi Tourism. If G-Land have been presume the target market for New York, so Ijen or SUkamade would promote in other country and adjust with their market target. The example is New York, next is Ijen Mountain daftar togel is promote in France,” said Bramuda.

The promotion of G-Land destination, continued Bramuda because Banyuwangi have been selected from 10 new Teman 4D destination by Ministry of Tourism. Moreover, the tourist visit to Banyuwangi have increased since 5 years ago.

“I hope this could accomplished the target for tourist visit to Indonesia which have been targeted 20 million tourist per year,” said Bramuda.

West Kalimantan Goverment Have Allocated Rp 80 Billion For Sail Selat Karimata

The event of Sail Selat Karimata have only waiting for days. West Kalimantan Governor Cornelis have optimistic with this event success because the preparation from the organizer have reach 70 percents in 17 days remaining.

This have been said by Cornelis when checking the infrastructure and the area event for Sail Selat Karimata together with North Kayong Regent Hildi Hamid, West Kalimantant Public Work Agency and West Kalimantan Creative Economy and Tourism Agency.
West Kalimantan Goverment Have Allocated Rp 80 Billion For Sail Selat Karimata
“There are almost completed, next week would be finished,” said the number one man in West Kalimantan. Remembered that the sail is world class event, Cornelis have ask the support from people in North Kayong Regency to keep the hygiene and security together with visitor comfortable especially all the visitor would be dominated from foreign tourist. The tourist would be spend a lot of money for shopping so there are hoped the local product from West Kalimantan would be displayed.

“People must support, hygiene, security and comfortability of the visitor,” said Cornelis. Related to the preparation, Cornelis have explained that the main event from this sail would be held at Datok Sukadana Island’s beach.

The few thing which have been completed is the camp for visitor when the transit house for President Joko Widodo have reach 80 percents. The other infrastructure which have almost completed is road in Sukadana city along with the city development.

In this event, West Kalimantan have allocated about Rp 80 billion in West Kalimantan Regional Budget. “Although West Kalimantan have unstable financial condition today but it would be the prove from regional government in supporting this international event. The allocation is come from West Kalimantan Government Budget,” said Cornelis

Indonesia Tourism Destinations Haven’t Enough Friendly For Tourist With Disabilities

Few college students from Hospitality and Tourism Study Program at Vocation Education of University of Brawijaya, Malang, East Java have held the anniversary of World Tourism Day at Malang City Hall at 27 September.

In the event, they have focus on Indonesia tourism which not friendly for tourist with disabilities. The head of Tourism and Hospitality Program Study at Vocation Education of University of Brawijawa, Ahmad Faidlal Rahman have said that the action have bring the tagline “Tourism For All”. This tagline have meaning that all Indonesia tourism destination situs poker should be accommodated all tourist especially for tourist with disabilities.
Indonesia Tourism Destinations Haven't Enough Friendly For Tourist With Disabilities
According to Faidlal, Indonesia still don’t have any facility which can accommodate disabilities to enjoy the destinations. Some of the facility is providing the equipment or tools for tourist who unable to walk and providing facility for tourist who unable to see.

“People with disabilities should get the similar opportunities. Every tourism destination should be have tools or equipment which can be accessed by disabilities. All this time, almost all the tourism destinations can only enjoyed by ordinary tourist without disabilities,” explain Faidlal.

Faidlal have hoped that Ministry of Tourism can regulate the standards for tourism location daftar poker with including the criteria which can accommodate disabilities. “This is very important, beside the regulation, we also need the media for tourist with disabilities to explain the detail about the destination,” continue Faidlal.

In other side, tourism destination should also provide benefit for local people. One of that is develop the destination together with local people. “How local people can take a part in develop the tourism but should maintain professional standard,” said him.

Related to facility for disabilities, Faidlal added that most of country have not focus on that. There is not Europe which have concern with Teman Poker99 that and it can become Indonesia opportunity to attract more tourist.