How To Determine Backpack Size For Hiking

Hiking or mount climbing is require proper preparation. The bag like backpack is very important but when we have talk about hiking or mount climbing the backpack is not the ordinary backpack. When choosing a backpack, we would face various size of backpack and the size have mark in liters.

There are few way to determine backpack size to hiking which shared by Guide of Consina Mount Climbing and Hiking, Virgo Dirgantara and Brand Ambassador Eiger, Noerhuda,

  • Know the hiking or climbing duration
    Before buying the backpack for hiking, we should know how long the hiking will be spend or taken. The duration of 1 to 2 days is quite different with hiking with duration 6 days. “The most general backpack is 45 liters for 3 days hiking. Above 45 liters there are 75 liters for more than 6 days and the smallest is 20 liters for below 3 days hiking duration,” said Noerhuda.

    The backpack with small size like 20 or 28 liters could uncomfortable used for hiking with long duration like 6 days.

  • Items will be taken
    Items which will carry have influenced the size of the backpack. The equipments and tools for hiking is relative require a lot of space. Noerhuda have said that there are trend of ultra light hiking which not require to carry a lot of item like ordinary hiking. Ultra light hiking is a way of hiking which focus on carry tools and supply with minimum weight without remove the most important functions from those tools and supplies.
    How To Determine Backpack Size For Hiking
    Items carried for hiking two different characteristic mountains can influence the backpack. As the example is hiking in mountain with standard temperature or quite high would make us to carry thinner sleeping bag and it also work vice versa.
  • Know the mountain will be climbed or hiked
    Knowing the mountain the mountain characteristic would be quite helpful because it can be the factor in choosing backpack. Climbing the snowy mountain is very different with tropical mountain. In snowy mountain, the items will be used is quite bigger but lighter than tropical mountains.
  • Body weight
    Choosing the backpack size if also determine by your body weight. The best one is the backpack which can carry weight about third from your weight. If you have weight about 60 kg then the bag should be can carry about 20 kg.

    This backpack weight formula have been used to avoid injury on our back due to carry heavy backpack because there are few cases of hiker which get injury by carry heavy backpack when hiking.

  • Trip partners
    The size of the backpack which use by your partners or friends could be consideration factor. This is cause by hiking mountain habitually is a group activity and the logistic from the hiking should be distribute evenly to every member from the group.

    The best size is 60 liters. The 60 liters size can be used for hiking with short distance like 2-3 days or it can be 6 days as long as the distribution of the item is even between the other member in the trip.

The Time For You To Have Transparent Suitcase

Vis-a-Vis, that is the name of transparent suitcase which have introduced by bag and suitcase manufacturer from Australia named Crumpler few days ago. The suitcase have come with transparent polycarbonate which have strong, light and durable characteristic.

Everyone can see everything we have take inside the suitcase. The user of Vis-a-Vis is also not need to be afraid their suitcase have been taken by other passenger accidentally.
The Time For You To Have Transparent Suitcase
From Crumpler official site, the suitcase is very suitable for users who like to show off their luggage starting from cosmetic, toys and other stuffs. Although come in transparent and looks frail, Vis-a-Vis have been designed in focus on our stuff safety. The suitcase have been featured with TSA Lock and black strap to keep our suitcase have been closed completely.

Vis-a-Vis have also equipped with compression system which make our stuff don’t mess up when the airplane trip. The suitcase have build with width 46,5 centimeter, height 46,5 centimeter and weight about 4,55 kg with the suitcase storage capacity can store about 70 liters.

Currently, Vis-a-Vis can ordered through Crumple official site with price about 745 Australia Dollar which converted into Indonesia Rupiah is about 7.3 million Rupiah. That price is not include shipping fee to Indonesia.

6 Mistakes Which Frequently We Do At Airport

When traveling using plane, there are few things we could miss as tourist. Even though, those things are enough to make your travel easier and more effective.

There are 6 mistake which we frequently made when at airport,

  1. Not Download Airline Application
    Airline application is very important for booking a ticket, online check in to collect boarding pass. With airline application, you can save much time in booking airline ticket. Beside airline, airport application is also very important to be downloaded. The application can help you in getting newest information about the airport. Before getting to airport, you can check the application to know plane schedule. Maybe your flight have been delayed or canceled.
    6 Mistakes Which Frequently We Do At Airport
    One of the famous application is GateGuru. The application have more than 200 airport around the world including facility and restaurant list.
  2. Not Online Check In
    Online checking is a facility which provide by every airline to ease our travel. We only need to check-in through phone or gadget, and then you can choose the seat you want. After that you will directly getting a boarding pass. This very efficient and ease our trip because we not need to waiting at check in queue which frequently snaking.

    If you carried baggage, you can still using online check in. When arrive at airport, you can directly go to drop baggage counter. Few airline like AirAsia have using standalone ticket machine which will help you to print boarding pass directly.

  3. Not Take Food Supplies
    At airport, you can find a restaurant or minimarket. However there is ascertained the price would more expensive many times than the standard. That is very logic if you take glut snack. Take a
    snacks like biscuit or snack bar. Taking a snack would also very helpful when all the restaurant at airport have full with passengers.
  4. Not Keep The Accessories
    Use the most comfortable clothes when you want to travel with airplane. Keep all the accessories before you have getting into queue in to checking gate. When checked, you will asked to take down all accessories starting from ring, bracelet, necklace, belt, watch, hat and jacket. To save time, there is recommended for you to use all the accessories when you have at departure gate.
  5. Not Have Good Behave
    When at one place that is very important to have good behave because there is a part of good manners. Frequently when checked by authorities, many people have show improperly behave like uncooperative behave. When asked to open your baggage, you should show cooperative attitude to do it.

    If you have carry baggage over the capacity, you should paid the fee according tho the regulation. Don’t ever fight against the regulation because it is only place you in more complicated position.

  6. Not Place Sign to you Baggage
    There are hundreds of baggage in one flight. There very possible to find your suitcase and bag have similar with our passenger. This have happened with gift which we have package into box. To avoid this problem there is very recommended if you put a sign into the baggage like unique ribbon color. You should don’t want your baggage have switched with other passenger.

Do These When Your Plane Have Turbulence

Turbulence or shocks is one of thing that afraid by airplane passengers. Even though, turbulence is a very natural thing when plane in air.

Not only cause by bad weather, turbulence is also can happen when sunny weather. The most dangerous thing when turbulence is on the time which limited to warn all passenger. There are few tips for passengers when there are turbulence in their plane. These tips would help to be more calm and relaxed then there are turbulence which many people could be panic.
Do These When Your Plane Have Turbulence

  1. Read Instruction Book
    Many passenger have obey this book. Instruction book generally is keep in the bag of your front seat. When there are turbulence, try to read it as fast as you can to make you keep alert when there are anything happen.
  2. Go To Toilet Before Takeoff
    Before plane have takeoff, ensure you have used toilet if you have used it either before plane takeoff or plane in stable condition. Turbulence can be happen anytime, due to that there are very recommended that have used toilet at boarding gate before entering plane if you have used the toiled in plane then used it before takeoff or plane in stable condition.
  3. Safety Belt
    When have turbulence, stay at seat and used safety belt. Sometime, the hard shock can cause impact. You can leave a seat like to toilet when the light for safety belt sign have been turned off. For you have bring baby, ask to stewardess for baby safety belt.
  4. Pay Attention For Luggage In Cabin
    Pay attention for luggage in cabin which you carry. When turbulence, there are possible the door of the cabin would opened and the luggage can drop down. Pay attention inside cabin so you can anticipate when door is opened anytime.
  5. Relax
    The most important thing should do to stay calm. Do every pilot instructions like fasten the safety belt. Praying is also can help you become more calm because calm condition can help you to think clearly.

The Best Destination In The World At 2016, Bali At What Positions ?

Bali can be said as one of most favorite destination in the world. Many tourist more know Bali than Indonesia. There are not suprisingly if island which known as Devas Island have listed in 25 the best destination in 2016 according to AS News & World Report.
The Best Destination In The World At 2016 Bali At What Positions
The destination which have positioned at first place is Great Barrier Reef which located at Queensland, Australia. The sea with largest coral reefs ecosystem is also listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of reason why Great Barrier Reef have become the first rank because its existence are endangered. Quote from CNN, Tuesday 5 July 2016, Great Barrier Reef endangered because the water temperature have rise which cause bleaching of the reef massively.

When the water temperature have rise, small algae which live at the reef or know as zooxanthellae will dispose. This is the reason why the reef become white. Due to that, tourist have be advice to visit Great Barrier Reef this year.

In the same list, Grand Canyon National Park have sit on the top of United State destination, British Virgin Island become the top Carribean Spot, and Vancouver have become the Top Canadian Spot. Rome City, Italy have become the Top Spot in Europe.

In Asia, Bali become the one of the top destination beside Tokyo and Hong Kong. This island have sit at 22th rank from the best destination in the world for AS News & World Report 2016 version. It sit above San Francisco and Budapest.

There are the 25 best destination in the world according to AS News & World Report 2016,

  1. Great Barrier Reef, Australia
  2. Paris, France
  3. Bora Bora, France Polynesia
  4. Florence, Italy
  5. Tokyo, Japan
  6. Cusco, Peru
  7. London, England
  8. Rome, Italy
  9. New York, United State
  10. Maui Hawaii
  11. Cape Town, South Africa
  12. Barcelona, Spain
  13. Sydney, Australia
  14. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  15. Yellowstone national Park, United State
  16. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  17. Hong Kong
  18. Cairo, Egypt
  19. Washington DC, United States
  20. British Virgin Islands
  21. Bali, Indonesia
  22. San Francisco, California
  23. Budapest, Hungary