Tikus Island, The New Hit Destination In Bengkulu

Who knows, Bengkulu Province have beautiful maritime destination. The destination is called as Tikus Island which located about 10 mil from Bengkulu City. After long time, this destination have become favorite by tourist who visit Bengkulu.

“The request for tour package with destination for Tikus Island have increase continuously especially at weekend and good climate condition in Bengkulu seas,” said Feri Vandalis, Vice Director of CV Wahana Mitra Karya which is the cruise provider to Tikus Island.

The island with wide about 0,6 hectare have preferred by tourist because the location which is near with Bengkulu Island. Tourist is only need to across the island for about 40 minutes using fisherman boat or tourist special ship.
Tikus Island, The New Hit Destination In Bengkulu
Although only have wide about 0,6 hectare, Tikus Island have been supported with coral reefs foundation for about 200 hectares. Visitor have visit the island with one day trip. “Most of the visitor have take the single day visiting package by departure in morning and get back in evening,” said Feri.

Tourist can rent the snorkeling equipment in this island. There are also have snorkeling package which prepare by local people. Visitor is only can pay for 200 thousand rupiah per person with minimum 10 person for every trip if want to visit the coral reefs spot.

One of visitor in Tikus Island, Yayan have said that the maritime tourism package have offered unique experience because it can give visitor chance to interact closer with the ecosystem in this area.

“Generally, tourism in side of the beach is only offered change for enjoy sea from side of beach but in Tikus Island we can interact directly with marine species through snorkeling,” said Yayan.

Minister of Tourism : Aceh Have Change To Develop Halal Tourism

Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya have said that Aceh Province is one of region in Indonesia which have change to develop halal tourism.

“Currently, there are three provinces in Indonesia which have change to develop halal tourism and one of them are Aceh,” said Arief Yahya when opening coordinating meeting for culture and tourism sbobet mobile with tagline ‘Aceh as Main Halal Tourism’ in Banda Aceh.

According to Arief, the potential should be explored properly by this province with population about 5 millions people. One of that is giving the best service for every guest who come visiting Aceh.
Minister of Tourism : Aceh Have Change To Develop Halal Tourism
The minister have also said to optimize this halal tourism, there should be starting from halal certification in all subject like service and access with the support from every stakeholders. “Acen have not including in national tourism destination area and I believe with program and progress which have started today, Aceh would take part as national tourism destination. There would very great if Aceh have selected in World Halal Tourism,” said Arief.

According to Minister or Tourism, government have made tourism sector as main sector and for optimize this sector, other ministry have also take a part in supporting this sector to become one of main national income.

“The seriousness from every are in building the sector can be seen in the every region budget allocation for this sector,” said Arief. He have also explain that there are few daftar sbobet strategic steps which can be used to create and develop the Aceh icon together with promoting Indonesia main tourism destination.

Arief have also underline the availability of hotel and restaurant with halal certificate in Aceh. He also all the businessman who have main business in hotel and restaurant to improve their business quality. Arief don’t forget to ask all stakeholder to work together in improving infrastructure and other halal tourism requirement like visa, information, services, attractions and increasing the capacity from accessibility.

The last, Areif have added that tourism would bring prosperity to all people and halal tourism have large market so it is valuable klik here.

Going To Belitung? This Is The Hotel Choices

Going to Belitung at weekend can become a great choice. You can try a lot of tourism destination starting from history, culture, nautical to culinary.

As the example, we can have travel around the island from the Tanjung Pandan Beach, Lengkuas Island Beach, Batu Garuda Beach and back to Belitung which can be spend in one day. Having travel to Belitung city is also very great if you have taste Belitung noodles and Belitung coffee at evening.
There are very logic when travel to Belitung, you need the the hotel. There are few hotel at Belitung which can be choose when visiting Belitung,

  1. BW Aston Hotel
    Hotel BW Aston have located at Pattimura Street, Tanjung Pandan, Belitung. BW Aston have offered the facility of four star hotel. The price of the room which offered by BW Aston Hotel have about Rp 950.000 to Rp 19.000.000.
  2. Grand Hatika
    Grand Hatika Hotel have located at Kemuning Street A16, Tanjung Pandan, Belitung. This hotel have also featured with four stars hotel facility. For the rent, Grand Hatika have charge about Rp 750.000 to Rp 4.500.000.
  3. Bahamas Hotel Resort
    The Bahamas Hotel Resort have located at Pattimura Air Saga street number 1, Tanjung Pandan, Belitung. Different with Grand Hatika and BW Aston, Bahamas Hotel Resort is only offered three stars hotel facility. The rent is about Rp 695.000 to Rp 1.900.000.
  4. Grand Pelangi Hotel
    Grand Pelangi hote have located at Pattimura street, Tanjung Pandan, Belitung. Grand Pelangi have offered facility equal to three stars hotel. The charge is relative cheaper than Bahamas which about Rp 450.000 to Rp 1.500.000 per night.
  5. Biliton Hotel
    Biliton hotel is also located at Pattimura street Tanjung Pandan, Belitung. Biliton Hotel have offered three stars hotel facility. The rent is also equal with Grand Pelangi Hotel which about Rp 450.000 to Rp 1.500.000.

If Paris Have “Locks of Love”, At Bengkulu There Are Slippers Of Love

This latest time there are a trend of selfie with hundreds of old and used slippers background at Tapak Paderi Beach, Bengkulu. Tapak Paderi Beach is one of tourism destination in Bengkulu, the beach distance is not too far from Fort Marlborough.

The hundreds of old slippers have been arrange in a row with the wall which made from bamboo. The hundreds of that old slippers have only range about 200 meters from shoreline. There also have mate canteen near the slippers of love. There still unknown the canteen have called as mate canteen.
If Paris Have "Locks of Love", At Bengkulu There Are Slippers Of Love
One of that area fisherman named Aris from Pondok Besi Village, Bengkulu have said that the idea to make slippers cabin mate is come from the local people concerns on the garbage and trash on the area.

“Almost of the trash is a drink plastic bottle and old slippers which float on the beach. We have collect the trash and hang it on the bamboo pole we have made,” said Aris. Obviously, according Aris, the pole of old slippers have attract tourist to the beach who like to capture the moment from this slipper hanging.

The information have spread quite fast, continue Aris, there is not make people come to the slippers hanging but also attract a lot of couple to come to place their slippers as the sign of love. “We never predict our intention to clean the beach from garbage have get a lot of attention from tourist and become one of tourism object to this beach,” said Aris.

The next, Aris with other fisherman in Pondok Besi Village will continue to collect garbage in beach location to processed into more helpful stuff. “We have invite local people to take part in keeping the beach cleanliness to make tourist become more comfortable to visit Tapak Paderi Beach,” said Aris.

If Paris and Korea have Locks of Love, at Bengkulu maybe would be appeared slippers of love soon.

5 Area At Tepian Musi developed To 2018

Five areas at Tepian Musi will developed into tourism destination into 2018. The development have been taken to optimize the tourism area at Musi River lane which have been recommended as one of 10 national tourism destination.

The Head of Culture And Tourism of South Sumatera Agency, Irene Camelyn, Wednesday 27 July 2016 in Palembang said that along the Musi Lane in Palembang there are about 28 areas which potential become tourism object.
5 Area At Tepian Musi developed To 2018
However, she continue, from that amount there is only one which have developed independently by local community which is Al Munawar Village, Palembang. There are few areas which potential developed but until now it still not uncultivated.

Irene said that the area will develop step by step starting from socialization to infrastructure development in order to build integrated tourism system which can attract tourist coming to Palembang. One of that example is Al Munawar Village. That area have recorded as one of central of Arab culture in Palembang. For Palembang people, Al Munawar have frequently called as Kampung Arab.

Few program have been designed like developed small harbor and homestay for tourist who want to see local people daily activity. “Today, there are 5 local people house which have been official become homestay. The number will rise to accommodate tourist who like to stay in Palembang,” said Irene.

From Al Munawar, there are 4 areas which have been pushed to become strategic tourism object on Musi Riverside. Kemaro Island and 10 Ulu Area can become religious tourism for Chinese community in Palembang or from other area in Indonesia.

1 Ulu Area is prime culinary tourist spot in Palembang, When 3 to 4 Ulu area would developed into textiles tourism area. “Next year we will focus on develop Kemaro Island area,” continue Irene.

Secretary of Culture and Tourism Agency from Palembang City, Raimon Lauri have said that development of the tourism in Musi Riverside will started through revitalization from the tourism destination.

One of revitalization program is revamping Benteng Kuto Besak Area which have been restore into its function as tourism area. “Revamping of this area have spend about 5 billion rupiah. It is hoped can attract tourist after the it is have completed restore,” said Raimon.

Beside that, his side have also revamping all transportation system to tourism object in Musi Riverside by set the schedule of departure of ship and water bus according standard transportation service price. However, to apply this transportation system, Palembang City Government still require cooperating with every side and stakeholders.