Lembah Baliem Festival Will Participate By 8 Countries This Year

This year is the 27th of Lembah Baliem Culture Festival will be held at Jayawijaya Regency, Papua Province. There are few event in this Lembah Baliem Culture Festival if compare to few years before.
Lembah Baliem Festival Will Participate By 8 Countries This Year
“There are 8 countries which we invite to become our guest in this year festival. All the 8 countries have represent 3 different continents,” said the Head of Event Management from 27th Lembah Baliem Culture Festival, Atika Paramita Friday 22 July 2016.

All the guest have come representing each embassy. Few your representative who have confirmed to come into the event are from Italy, Switzerland, Mexico, Bosnia, Armenia, Hungary and India.

On the pre-opening night, the government of Jayawijaya Regency will be held a dinner gala to regale the honored guest with serve a various of Jayawijaya and National culinary. “On the opening of festival will be held colossal dance which involve about 300-400 from The combined battalions and Military District Commando. The planning is the dance will collaborate with one dancer from India. That dancer is one of guest from India Embassy,” said Atika.

Carrying the theme “Culture Heritage As Civilization Trail,”, the committee have decide to held the festival in two different place which is Walesi District and Wamena City. The attraction and culture competition will be held in Walesi District at 8 to 10 August 2016 and the next day 11 August 2016 will be held culture carnival in Wamena.

In the festival area, tourist can see and buy local products which produce and only can be found at Jayawijaya Regency. The product is starting from webbing bag which known as noken, red fruit to many handmade accessories.