Track “Reptile’s Lane In Sebangau National Park Kalimantan

Kalimantan rainforest is a “house” for various reptile variety no exception a snake. One of place which have identify as reptile house is Sebangau National Park which located at Central Kalimantan.

In administrative, Sebangau National Park have enter 3 different city administration which Palangkaraya city, Katingan Regency and Pulang Pisau Regency. This national park have totally area about 568,700 hectare and completely is swamp turf area which create million years ago.
Track Reptile's Lane In Sebangau National Park Kalimantan
Before announced as national park at 2004, Sebangau is a production forest which manage by few Forest Authorization Rights or HPH. When the permit for HPH have been repealed, Illegal Logging have break up in Sebangau. Although, ex-location from forest fire site still can be found, Sebangau National Park is a eco-tourism location especially for everyone who like to see wildlife directly.

There are 54 snake species which can be found at this national park beside that there 15 mammals species and 182 bird species. In Sebangau there are few spot which frequently take by tourist is Koran River Area. The area is the nearest spot visited by tourist. To get through that spot, tourist have get to Kereng Bangkirai Village which located about 15 minutes trip from Palangkaraya. From that village, tourist can rent speedboat owned by national park to reach Sebangau.

The uniqueness from Koran River is on the color of the river which jet black. This is effected by high tanning component inside the river because swamp turf in the riverbed. From harbor at Kereng Bangkirai Village, tourist is only spending 20 minutes trip with speedboat to Koran River Guarding Post.

Along the trip, tourist would pass Rasau Labyrinth. Rasau is a pandan plant with sharp thorn on the leaves and steams. However, when entering the Reptile’s Lane behind the guarding post, the rasau plant have more rarely can be found.

The Reptile’s Lane is not too wide. The wide is only about 2 to 3 meters. When get inside the river, the cold air will pushed. That is because the trees in both sides too widely. “At here there frequently appear viper snake, python and green snake,” said Abdullah, one of guard from Sebangau National Park.

Viper is one of most poisonous snake in the world. Abdullah have explain that generally the snake have perch at tree’s stem with height about 1 to 2 meters above river surface. “If you entering the forest, there would be easier to found the snake. Moreover few times ago we have found big tarantula,” said Abdullah.

To travel the river, there is recommended to take time between evening to night because the reptile have possibility get out from its nest between evening to night. “There are a lot of tourist have asking special time to entering Sebangau and go home with satisfy feeling,” said Abdullah.