5 The Best Destinations For Selfie At Old City Of Semarang

Semarang’s old city have stored many place with colonial style which can become best selfie background. Beside as the place for getting photo, this place is also become recommended destinations place for traveling to Semarang’s Old City.

Semarang’s Old City is only offering historic travel, but every authentic places at Old City have also offering education traveling, shopping and culinary. There are 5 recommended location at Semarang’s Old City which very perfect for selfie.
5 The Best Destinations For Selfie At Old City Of Semarang

  1. Blenduk Church and Srigunting Park
    Srigunting Park frequently become the gathering point for tourist before starting exploring Semarang’s Old City. At this park, there are very unique architecture with bridge and shade trees when other side there are famous cultural heritage building.

    GPIB Immanuel Church or known as Blenduk Church by Semarang people is one of popular cultural heritage building in the Old City. Together with Srigunting Park, this church have become number one destinations. Blenduk Church is one of oldest building at Central Java. The building have been built with colonial architecture.

  2. 3D Trick Art Museum
    Starting from middle of 2016, 3d Trick Art Museum have become new popular destination at Old City. Tourist can get a photo with more than 100 different background in 4 rooms. Hundreds of photo have themed the popular building at Semarang, culture and figure like artist or Indonesia national figure.

    The photos from 3d Trick Art Museum have come as 3d photo especially if we can get the photo in proper angle. The museum is opened at 10.00 AM to 22.00 PM West Indonesia Time Zone. Tourist will charged for 40 thousands rupiah for the entrance ticket. For the locations, it is only about 50 meters from Blenduk Church and Srigunting Park.

  3. Authentic Cafe
    Semarang’s Old City have many authentic building which still can operate. Some of those building have still operate as hotel, office and cafe. The most interesting is on the cafe which the operator or management from those cafe have re-concept the building into new and beautiful cafe.

    As authentic building, many cafe have shown up the antique stuff which almost are heritage from that building. For tourist which like to photos, these cafe destinations are perfect place. There are 5 cafe which can categorize as good place for enjoy Semarang culinary and photo, Spiegel, Retro Cafe, Marabunta Cafe, Nuris Cafe and Tekodeko.

  4. Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery
    Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery is one of most popular authentic building in Old City. Many artworks from artists either national artists or international artists have been display in this gallery. Their arts is starting from paint, photography, ceramic crafting and sculpture.

    Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery have stand exactly at back of Srigunting Park and have colonial architecture with its door and building which towered as its own characteristic. The gallery is also display different art collection according to their theme. Every tourist would charge for 10 thousands rupiah for entrance ticket.

  5. Old City’s Klitikan Market
    Bored with building background phot ? then, Semarang’s Old City have offered alternate place for photography with antique stuff such as automotive, war machine, typewriter and old wall decoration. Placed in Klitikan market, tourist can enjoy many antique stuff like old Holden vehicle and Volkswagen which used in Colonial period. Beside the antique vehicles, there are many stands and outlets which sell various antique stuff.

If you are a antique collector, you shouldn’t missed Klitikan Market because there are a lot of antique with various price. Every stands have their own unique collection which become favorite.