This Is The Transportation Choice To Solo

Solo, the hometown from Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo have well known as one city with a lot of tourism destination can be visited by tourist. One of the destinations is Pasar Gede which a center of Solo traditional culinary can be enjoyed from morning to evening.

Like Yogyakarta, Solo have keraton (Indonesia Ancient Kingdom Palace) which can be visited. Around solo, Sukoharjo Regency exactly is the center of Solo traditional industri like karak crackers, rambak, shuttlecock, gamelan and alcohol.
This Is The Transportation Choice To Solo
All this tourism objects have be visited with starting trip into Solo. The choice of the public transportation to Solo is various like railways, bus, ship and airplane. If you come from Jakarta, the choice of transportation like bus, railways and airplane are available to choose. For the railways there have also categorize into economy class, business class and executive class.

From Gambir Station there are train like Argo Dwipangga, Bima, Gajayana and Argo Lawu are available to take you into Solo. If you start from Pasar Senen Station then there are train like Senja Utama Solo, Gaya Baru Malam, Bengawan, Jaka Tingkir and Krakatau.

The availability of the train from easi side of Solo like Surabaya Gubeng Station have available train like Mutiara Selatan, Argo Wilis, Sancaka Sore, Sancaka Pagi, Bima and Turangga. While from Malang Station, tourist can use Malioboro Ekspress, Gajayana, Bima and Malabar.

For the ticket like Argo Dwipangga, Bima, Gajayana and Argo Lawu is starting from 285 thousands rupiah to 535 thousands rupiah. Senja Utama Solo, Gaya Baru Malam, Jaka Tingkir, Krakatau and Bengawan starting from 74 thousands rupiah to 270 thousands rupiah. With the various railways, tourist can choose to drop in Solo Balapan Station or Purwosari. The distance from Solo Balapan Station to city center is about three kilometers.

If using airplane, you can choose the destination into Adisumarno Airport at Solo. There are a lot of airlines like Garuda Indonesia, Sriwijaya Air and Lion Air. The ticket for each airline have various depending on the flight category like Sriwijaya Air which categorize as LCC have ticket about 370 thousands rupiah when Garuda Indonesia which categorize as premium grade flight have ticket about 580 thousands rupiah.

The last choice is land transportation using bus. Solo have lane which get through by bus for direction to Nganjuk, Kediri, Madiun and Surabaya if taking south lane. From Jakarta, you can ride from terminal like Pulo Gadung Terminal, Pasar Minggu, Pinang Ranti and Kampung Rambutan. Various buses have available like Haryanto, Pahala Kencana and other buses which can ride to Solo.

The bus price have varied starting from 120 thousands rupiah for economy class. The executive class have price about 200 thousands rupiah. When you have used buses to Solo, you can drop down at Tirtonadi Terminal. From the terminal, we have paid for 25 thousands to reach Solo center city from Tirtonadi.

To Far From Bali, Malang Tourism Want To Equal With Lombok

The Malang Regent, Rendra Kresna have revealed that he want to develop the tour destinations in the region he administer to be like Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, moreover the beach in Malang have beautiful as the beach at Bali and Lombok.

“We want to develop Malang Regency tourism sectors to be like Lombok which can become one of main destination for foreign tourist. We want to catch Bali but it feels difficult because Bali have known for years and have better tourism infrastructure than Malang. Malang itself have only known in last 10 years,” said Rendra at Malang Regent Office, East Java Sunday 24 Juli 2016.
To Far From Bali, Malang Tourism Want To Equal With Lombok
Moreover, Rendra continue that currently Malang have become one of 10 National Tourism Destinations. To realize that, Malang Regency Government have cooperate with Indonesia Tourism Development Coorporation and PT Intelegensia Grahatama.

According to Rendra, to become one of main tourism destinations, Malang Regency have good connectivity like the air transportation which supported with Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport, land transportation with railways and sea transportation using Tanjung Perak Port at Surabaya which not to far from Malang.

Rendra have said the Grand Design from the Malang Tourism have been submit to five years Regional Mid Term Development Plan or known as RJPMD. For the starting poin, development of the tourism sector in Malang will be started from Singosari and continue to all area in regency’s area.

“Our wish, tourism in Malang can more advanced than Lombok especially North Lombok which have just finished by Indonesia Tourism Development Coorporation. We have very confident that Malang have potential to become beautiful and attracted destination to compete with other destination in Indonesia,” said Rendra.

At the south area, according to Rendra, Malang have a lot of beach with access from Java South Lane and International Airport which have build at Purboyo, Bantur District. When at east part, there are Bromo Tengger Semeru and supported with village tourism at Poncokusumo District and Tumpang.

“The tourism at Malang is not have any problem to develop. We have nature tourism, religious and history heritage. Our prediction if develope well, Malang would can complete with Lombok in next 10 years,” said Rendra.

Meanwhile, The Head of Culture and Tourism Agency of Malang Regency, Made Arya Wedanthara have said that there are few beach have been targeted to developed into tourism destination. “We have make study for those beaches. The study would cover the potential of the beach like conservation beach, mangrove development area and fish production area,” said Wedanthara.

“Regent want we have complete sea tourism. The obstacles is the part of the area are the area owned by Perhutani, so in order to develop the area we have coordinating with Perhutani. We have consulted with East Java Perhutani and they have support this plan,” said Wedanthara.

Ganjar : Pokemon Go Can Become Media For Promote Central Java Tourism

Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo have said that Pokemon GO can be utilized as a positive think like promote tourism destinations in Central Java to attract tourist to visit Central java
Ganjar Pokemon Go Can Become Media For Promote Central Java Tourism
“That Pokemon GO can become very important if we innovative and creative, as the example like promote our tourism. We can promote our destinations like tell player that Pokemon have appear at Lawang Sewu, Borobudur and Prambanan so people will be attracted to visit Central Java,” said Ganjar at Semarang Town Hall Wednesday 20 July 2016.

According to Ganjar, if Pokemon Go is also played without followed with innovation and creativity then it is only waste a time. Ganjar Pranowo have stated he won’t make special prohibition for government employees as he position a Governor of Central Java. “There won’t be any prohibition for employees in Central Java Government to play Pokemon Go,” added Ganjar.

“Employees must know and realized, playing Pokemon Go is allowed but they should understand and know when to play when to work because everyone when prohibited, precisely they will try to play so we need awareness from employees,” said Ganjar

Beside asking all employees in Central Java Government to keep working hard in server people and community, Ganjar have also advice all parents to keep watching their kids who play Pokemon Go. “Supervision is very important to keep kids from addiction in playing Pokemon Go,” said Ganjar.

Thousands People Crowded Bromo To Wait Yadnya Kasada

Thousands people have crowded Bromo Mountain area since Wednesday 20 July 2016. The people have came from various villages near The Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park have made the area become more crowded since afternoon.

The incoming of thousands people are related to the held of Yadnya Kasada Ritual which be held at Thursday 21 July 2016. The main entrance of Bromo at Ngaidsari Village, Sukapura district, Probolinggo looks busy. The visitor who coming is not only a near Bromo people but also from few region in East Java who want to see this yearly ritual.
Thousands People Crowded Bromo To Wait Yadnya Kasada
Yadnya Kasada is very attracted for tourist both of domestic or local. “Since Sunday, every hotel rooms, inn and homestay have booked. The remaining are the villas which relative have more expensive tariff,” said Ipur, one of Bromo’s tour guide.

At Lava View Cottage, the restaurant have been fulled by foreign tourist which come from many countries. Robert, the tourist from England have admitted that he come two days ago to enjoy other destinations at Bromo. “We come in 5 persons in group and very enjoy and happy with how beautiful Bromo,” said Robert.

The coming from these thousands tourist have give fortune to jeep and taxibike rent service. The hundreds of jeep have looks busy carried tourist since 3 dawn o’clock to visit hiking location to view sunrise.

At night, people have crowded Ngadasari Village Hall as the starting point of Yadnya Kasada procession. Various ritual step will be started at that village hall at 7 night o’clock. Various offerings will parade to Luhur Poten Shrine at Sand Sea.

All Tengger Tribe Shaman, elders and community from Tengger Tribe will pray at that shrine. Ahead dawn, the offerings will carried into the crater of Bromo and threw into crater. The procession of this ritual have become the attraction for tourist to visit Bromo.

Although Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Center or PVMBG have announce that Bromo in Alert status, but the ritual still held with some prohibition. “According to the recommendation about safe zone for Bromo Mountain which is in range about 1 kilometer, so the ritual participant is also prohibited to hike into crater,” said Probolinggo Head of Disaster Management Agency, Dwijoko Nurjayadi.

According to Disaster Management Agency have coordinate with Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, Regency Police Department, Military District Commando, elders and Tengger Tribe Shaman about the activity around Bromo Mountain.

Santika Pekalongan, The Best Choice For Hotel When Transit At Pekalongan

One of factor which looking by tourist when transit into one town or city is the accommodation which easy to reach. Beside that, the hotel should be at strategic location, affordable but not twopenny facility.
Santika Pekalongan, The Best Choice For Hotel When Transit At Pekalongan
In average, tourist have looking for inns or hotels at border area don’t spend too much at that hotel. As the example is Pekalongan yang frequently become tourist or travelers who using Java North Beach route or known as Pantura (Pantai Utara Jawa).

This is the reason why Santika Pekalongan Hotel can be choice as hotel at Pekalongan,

“Average our visitors is a transit at Pekalongan before reaching their destination especially for high seasons like Eid Holiday,” said Dinda, receptionist at Santika Pekalongan Hotel.

Santika Pekalongan have 109 rooms which classed into 4 different class, which is superior, deluxe, junior suite and suite. The hotel have featured with fitness center, swimming pool, free breakfast and free car washing services.

The free car washing services is become the main facility from Santika Pekalongan which favorite by visitors which car for their transportation. The distance between Santika Pekalongan with recreation destination at Pekalongan is also only few minutes like Pasir Kencana Beach which only spend for 10 minutes with drive. There are also Batik Kauman village and Batik Pesindon village which can reached with driving for 15 minutes.

For the access, Santika Pekalongan hotel is only distanced for about 15 minutes with driving to nearest Bus Station beside that the hotel is located in front of Pekalongan Railways Station.

Staying at Santika Pekalongan is a good choice especially for you have get too long trip from Jakarta and get tired. Santika Pekalongan have offer the room for about 400 thousands rupiah per night.