For The First Time, Pelni Have Celebrate New Year Eve On The Ship

PT Pelni have held the celebration of New Year Eve on the KM Umsini. There are 526 passenger which consisting 200 passenger of KM Umsini and 326 passenger who apply for join the celebration will celebrate the New Year Eve in the water of Thousand Islands or Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta.

“The ideas have appeared about two years ago. Pelni is not only targeting the passenger Because the passenger have decrease every year about 1 percent. Due to that we have change our mindset with targeting other consumer category,” said Manager of Communication and Instance of PT Pelni, Akhmad Sujadi at Tanjung Priok Port, Jakarta.
For The First Time, Pelni Have Celebrate New Year Eve On The Ship
The celebration of New Year Eve is the first time using KM Umsini. “We have choose KM Umsini because there are accidentally this ship schedule have coincided with this event. So 200 passenger of this ship will participate this celebration and don’t disturb the schedule from departure and arrival of the passenger,” said Akhmad.

KM Umsini have sail from Tanjung Priok Port at Saturday, 31 December 2017 5 PM to water of Thousand Islands for celebrating the New Year Eve. The Ship will back to Tanjung Priok Port about 1.30 AM Sunday.

There are various exciting events have prepared by the Pelni to entertain passengers in this New Year Eve like face painting, photo booth, enjoying the sun set, dinner, a lot of games and fireworks performance. for the price, adult will charge for Rp 500.000 when children is only Rp 250.000.

Ministry of Tourism Have Support Borobudur Marathon 2016

Ministry of Tourism have supported the held of Borobudur Marathon 2016 event which will take place in Magelang Regency, Central Java at 20 November 2016. This event is hoped to become the event to develop national athletes beside promote the Central Java tourism especially Borobudur Temple destination as the priority destination.

In the press conference, the representative from Ministry of Tourism which represent by Public Communication and Law Bureau have said that Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya appreciate the event which hoped can give positive impact in people economy because it would drive a lot of visitor starting from athletes and tourists.
Ministry of Tourism Have Support Borobudur Marathon 2016
“Borobudur should be promoted routinely which can be used the sport tourism event like Borobudur Marathon 2016 of increase the tourist visit to this destination which targeted reach 2 millions tourists at 2019. For the comparison, the Angkor Wat in Cambodia have been visited by 2,5 million tourist when Borobudur Temple, Prambanan and Ratu Boko is only attact 471 thousand foreign tourist and 5 million local tourist,” said Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya when attending Borobudur Marathon 2016 press conference together with Governor of Central Java Ganjar Pranowo.

Miniter of Tourism Arief Yahya explained that for pursuit the Angkor Wat, government should reform the management system from single destination-multi management into single destination-single management like create Borobudur Authority Agency which will Include Sangiran, Java Karimun, Dieng and Joglo Semar.

The form of the Authority Agency is one of regulation breakthrough in fasten the increase of foreign tourist visit to the target 2 million foreign tourist at 2019,” said the former President Director of Telkom Indonesia.

Governor of Central Java Ganjar Pranowo said that the held of Borobudur Marathon 2016 is the realization from cooperation between Government of Central Java Province with Central Government which is Jakarta. Ganjar is also appreciate all the stakeholders like Government of Magelang Regency, Central Java Bank, PB PASI, Pengprov PASI Central Java and Pengda PASI Magelang Regency.

Borobudur Marathon have been started since 1989 after that is only have 10 kilometers category starting from 2014 then 2015 there is a half marathon which take about 21 kilometers. “At this year beside the popular 10 kilometers category, there are half marathon, full marathon and also ultra marathon with ambassador and celebrity run which only take 3 kilometers. For Ambassador and celebrity run it will participated by all ambassador from friend country for Indonesia and actress. Overall the participants of Borobudur Marathon 2016 is predicted would reach about 20 thousand people. For the Prize, we have prepare about Rp 4 billions,” said Ganjar.

For 10 kilometer marathon, half marathon, full marathon and ambassador and celebrity run would start at Lumbini Garden and finish line is also Lumbini Garden which located in Borobudur Temple area. For ultra marathon it would start from Ambarawa Railway Station and finish line at Lumbini Garden.

Scarlet Cafe Hotel Dafam At Pekalongan Have Served Many Types of Dimsum

Dimsum is looks like one dish that in trend today. The delicious food from Canton, China have been served in basket. With small size and can be eaten with a mouthful, this dish is quite easy to eat for everyone who in middle of activity.

If you don’t know, this dish can be make through steam and fried. Dimsum have become the favorite food for fill you free time and as the most great dish when family get together.
Scarlet Cafe Hotel Dafam At Pekalongan Have Served Many Types of Dimsum
In Scarlet Cafe Hotel Dafam at Pekalongan City, Central Java, there are 7 type of dimsun or known as dumplings with price Rp 25.000 per basket. There are dumplings with chicken filled, chocolate filled, regular dumplings, siomay, wotie and mantao.

“In fact that, the dumplings menu have been existed for long time ago, however we have added few variant because this have become favorite snacks not only for Chinese but also for everyone in Pekalongan,” said Public Relation Hotel Dafam Pekalongan, Exy Mulyana.

Exy have added that the dumplings have been made directly by hotel chef. “So it is very fresh and warm,” said Exy. The hotel is also offer dumplings promotion for family or friends who like to have together and eating something till 18.00 Indonesia West Time.

“The price above have including Jasmine Tea. We have serve directly from the steamer. So the customer can taste directly and take it directly from steamer,” said Exy.

One of the customer, Edi Mustofa have admitted this is the first time he found the Chinese food with many variant. He have choose angsio chicken leg and wotie because anxious with the dumplings variant.

This Is The Time For Trying Favorite Dish From Sultan HB IX

Today, you don’t need to get into Yogyakarta if you would like to try the favorite dish from ancient Java Kings. At Kampoeng Legenda, Ciputra Mall, Jakarta have been held an event from 10 to 21 August 2016 which will offer you a special dish of Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat.

The Bale Raos Restaurant is the restaurant which will serve you with this special dish of Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat. The restaurant have opened a stand at this event and carried 10 favorite menu from Yogyakarta to Jakarta.
This Is The Time For Trying Favorite Dish From Sultan HB IX
The 10 menus which bring by Bale Raos are Gudeg Manggar Set, Betak Ayam, Wonosari Red Rice, Java Bestik, Gecok Ganem, Bestik Lidah, Beer Djawa, Manuk Nom, Beras Kencur and Prawan Kenes. Few of those menus like Java Bestik, Bestik Lidah and Gecok Ganem is the favorite dish from Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX.

From those dish, the most unique is Gecok Ganem which the favorite dish for Yogyakarta people at 1950’s although today is quiet rare to be found. Gecok Ganem is a meatball which made from beef and formed into round shape and serve with a soup.

Gecok Ganem is very different with standard meatballs. Gecok Ganem meatballs is not contain a lot of flour in its composition. Gecok Ganem have serve with white colored soup which remember us with sayur lodeh. When tasted, the soup have similar taste with sayur lodeh. The similarity have also shown by the additional red and green chili. The different between the soup with sayur lodeh is on the additional tomato which can be found on the soup. The tomato have made the soup is more freshly.

To eat Gecok Ganem, we can get rice to accompany this dish although few visitors have said it is not suitable for use rice to accompany Gecok Ganem due to the taste of the soup is quite lightly and would end up tasteless. Gecok Ganem is more suitable to place as appetizer than main course.

To have this dish, you only need to spend about 25 thousand Rupiah for one portion. The other menu at Bale Raos is also quite friendly and affordable, starting from 10 thousands to 100 thousands rupiah.

On the event, visitors should using Brizzi card for the payment which can be buy on the location. The event have opened from 10 morning o’clock to all the food have run out.

Dieng Tourism Area Will Be Reorganized

Dieng Plateu Tourism Area at Banjarnegara and Wonosobo Regency, Central Java will be reorganized said, Central Governor, Ganjar Pranowo.

“Banjarnegara and Wonosobo don’t be compete. There would be a entrance from Batang which will make Dieng can be organized together by both of regency as one tourism area,” said Ganjar Pranowo when visiting Ruwatan Anak Berambut Gimbal Procession which is the main event from Dieng Culture Festival VII at Arjuna Temple complex, Banjarnegara, Sunday 7 August 2016.
Dieng Tourism Area Will Be Reorganized
Due to that, said Ganjar, In future the entrance ticket for entering Dieng Plateu Tourism Area would be only charged one times using season tickets.

He have also confirmed that there are a lot of complaints about the tickets which relative unaffordable to entering Dieng because there are a lot of ticket charged. When asking about the planning for develop Dieng as one of main destination, Ganjar have said that currently the booster for tourism destination have been started.

At Central Java, there are 4 main destination which is Karimun Java, Dieng, Borobudur Temple and Sangiran which have included into Joglosemar Development Area. Joglosemar is a acronym for government tourism project around Yogyakarta, Solo and Semarang.

Joglosemar have become one of tourism destination which have become priority by Indonesia Government beside Bali Island. “Yesterday, all the consultant who have win the bidding have met with me. They have explain what they want to do and have done at Karimun Java, Dieng, Borobudur and Sangiran. We hope, next year would be seen the progress,” said Ganjar.