The Route For Hike Rinjani Mountain Officially Closed Until 31 March

The route for Rinjani Mountain hiking at West Nusa Tenggara have officially closed per date 1 January 2017. The decision have been published through circular letter from Ministry of Environment and Forestry number SE.3/SET/HKSN/Kum.8/12/2016 about situs poker the closing of the route of Rinjani Mountain hiking at Rinjani Mountain National Part.

The letter have been issued by Directorate General Conservation of Natural Resources and Ecosystems of Ministry of Environment and Forestry. That letter have been signed by Secretary General of the Directorate, Herry Subagiadi.

Herry in that letter have explain that the closing of the Rinjani Mountain have considered by the climate condition in Lombok Island especially North Lombok, Central Lombok, East Lombok between January to March 2017 which potential Teman Poker99 have rain with high intensity between 101 mm-400 mm added with strong winds.
The Route For Hike Rinjani Mountain Officially Closed Until 31 March
“That potential have been afraid can endangered the safety from the visitor in Rinjani Mountain,” said Herry in this circular letter.

The closing of the route have been taken to give chance the recovery of the ecosystem along the route of the hiking path. This decision have been apply for all the route of Rinjani Mountain. The route for the hiking route can be taken by hiker in Rinjani Mountain which is Sembalun Village and Senaru Village.

Previously, The Head of Great Hall of Rinjani Mountain National Park, Agus Budi Santosa have said that the closing the rouse generally after coordinating with Meteorlogi, Climatology and Geophysics Agency.

Before this closing, RInjani have been closed at 15 September 2016. This closing akun poker have been taken due to the increase of the Rinjani activity from Level 1 (Normal) to Level 2 (Cautious). The increase of the Rinjani activity have related with the eruption of Barujari Mountain which still in the territory of Rinjani Mountain National Park.

Rinjani have recorded as one of active mountain in Indonesia. Located in Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara with the peak on the height about 3.726 meters above sea level.

The Visit From Foreign Tourist To East Nusa Tenggara Have Increase

The visit of foreign tourist to East Nusa Tenggara Province have gain the positive trends which increase significant since Komodo Dragon Island at West Manggarai have been choose by Central Government as one of 10 main tourism destination which will developed by Government in 2016.
The Visit From Foreign Tourist To East Nusa Tenggara Have Increase
The Head of Tourism and Creative Economic Agency from East Nusa Tenggara Regional Goverment, Marius Ardu Jelamu have said than since the beginning of 2016 to July there were recorded about 14 thousands foreign tourist have visit East Nusa Tenggara at Agency offce in Kupang Thursday, 4 August 2016.

That amount have have rise about 15 percent according to Marius if compare to the amount of tourist visiting in similar period at 2015. “All the tourist, generally come through entrance of Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai Regency Capital by using Denpasar-Labuan Bajo flight or flight through Denpasar to El Tari Airport at Kupang,” said Marius.

Marius have explained that majority of tourist have come from Labuan Rajo have spend their tour by visiting Komodo Dragon Island and other nature tour at west end of Flores Island like Rinca Island, Waerebo and Bena Village at Ngada the to Ende, Maumere, East Flores and Lembata.

For Tourist who get through El Tari Airport at Kupang will continue their tour to Rote Island, Sabu, Alor and Sumba. “There also need to inform that free visa policy from government have also supporting and trigger the increase of tourist visit especially in East Nusa Tenggara because people from various country can easily to get in and visit every tourism spot in East Nusa Tenggara,” said Marius.

“The increase of foreign tourist visit to East Nusa Tenggara have affected to the local people economy growth and can add regional earnings from tourism sector,” added Marius.

Marius have hoped, East Nusa Tenggara people can utilize this moment by making some local handcraft to attract tourist to buy it.

Agriculture Art Festival In Bali Have Themed “Bhupalaka Raksa Raksitah”

Agriculture Art Festival have been held again at Tukad Bangkung Bridge, Plaga Village, Petang District, Badung, Bali for 4 days from 29 July to 1 August 2016.

The theme which have discuss in the fifth Agriculture Art Festival is “Bhupalaka Raksa Raksitah” or meaning Leading and Protecting. “The theme is a expression and appreciation from Badung people to their leader, along with filled with hope to their leader,” said the Head of Agriculture, Plantation and Forestry Agency from Badung Regency who also the head of event committee, IGAK Sudaratmaja at Badung Saturday 29 July 2016.
Agriculture Art Festival In Bali Have Themed "Bhupalaka Raksa Raksitah"
Sudaratmaja have said that every activity is started with opening event which show agriculture art parade which the participants will combine the art and culture with crops as the supports. Beside the parade will held today, there would be crops exhibition which will be participated by all district in Badung Regency, related Agency and government supported farmer groups.

“The target from this event have to rise the North Badung image, excavate agriculture culture spirit as the tourism spirit, trigger transaction in agriculture commodity business, initiated the growth of agriculture tourism and make it become education and entertainment media,” said Sudaratmaja.

Agriculture Art Festival have located about 46 kilometers go to north from the central of Denpasar City. The location have rated as investation which focus on competition either commodity, nature and human resources.

Beside that, in festival opening there also spare with the sign of deal between Badung Regent with other three Regent which Bangli Regent, Tabanan Regent and Buleleng Regent.

August, The Time For Go To Bali For Buleleng Festival

Buleleng Regency’s Culture and Tourism agency, currently have preparing the fourth Buleleng Festival which located at Singa Ambara Raja Monment, Singaraja City 2 August to 6 August 2016.

“We have completing to prepare involve all stakeholders including studios in Buleleng,” said the Head of Culture and Tourism Agency, I Nyoman Sutrisna at Singaraja City, Bali Tuesday 26 Juli 2016. He have said that Buleleng Festival 2016 will take topic about ‘Mastepiece of Buleleng’ which focus on Buleleng art which have gained many Achievement in national level to international level.
August, The Time For Go To Bali For Buleleng Festival
“Bullfest will crowded with mass Buleleng traditional dance and various art performance like Arja Dance Performance, Wayang Wong and others,” said Sutrisna. Buleleng Festival have commitment to show a tons of origin arts in North Bali which have acknowledge its extensions beside few modern art performance like band staging and theater art which have favored by people right now.

There also have said that his said will involve all art studios in this area. All the studio management have been involved since the beginning of this event, starting planning into the staging. Sutrisna have added that the festival have hoped to promote Buleleng as the main tour destination in Bali.

Talking about the budget, his side have claimed that receive fund injection from Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism to support this event since beginning. Beside from central government, there are also have fund from sponsor.

“The fund from Regional Budget Revenue and Expenditure is only contribute about 800 million rupiah. The less have come from Ministry and Sponsor. Totally the fund have exceed one billion rupiah,” said Sutrina.

The Best Hotel In The World, Nihiwatu Sumba

Nihiwatu have been announced as the the best hotel in the world for 2016 by tourism magazine, Travel+Leisure. What have made this West Sumba’s Hotel become the best in the world surpass famous hotel from other country like New Zealand, United States and Australia.

Every year, the magazine which based in United State, Travel+Leisure have make a survey with many category in tourism. The latest is, Nihiwatu which located at Sumba have announced as the best hotel in World Best Travel Awards 2016. Nihiwatu which located at Hobawawi Village, Wanukaka, West Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara have beat luxury and high class hotel in New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Ecuador and United States.
The Best Hotel In The World, Nihiwatu Sumba
Nihiwatu is a modern hotel which offer luxury which covered with local culture elements. “We have widen our comprehension about “heaven resort. Now we have create one destination with strong geography record with wide room for activity which offered our visitor or guest can adventure in Sumba nature wildness,” said Nihiwatu’s Managing Partner, James McBride.

The only which difference Nihiwatu with other hotel is on their social responsibility activity which done by hotel owned together with the guests or visitors. A half of Nihiwatu’s profit have donated to Sumba Foundation which initiated by Nihiwatu founder, Claude Graves and Sean Downs at 2001. At Nihiwatu, about 90 percents of their staffs are Sumba local people.

Nihiwatu have villa with 3 rooms which designed as treehouse. The villa have located at above of cliff and face directly to Indies Ocean. Beside that, there are 33 villa accommodations in the villa with private swimming pool and beautiful scenery of Nihi Beach.

The activity have varied, starting from a Spa Safari packet in whole day to island exploration. Guests can have tracking into few hidden waterfall, beautiful paddy field and local village. There are also available complete lunch picnic which offered guest the fresh fresh coconut fest which the new fall from tree.

Nihiwatu have offered a surf spot for guests who want to try surfing in Nihi Beach. Occy’s Left is the name of private beach which used as surfing spot by Nihiwatu’s guests. The spot is a famous spot for professional surfer. This spot is very different from other surfing spot like Canggu, Suluban and other mainstream beach in Bali. In Occy’s Left, guests can feel like the whole beach is owned by guests due to the Occy’s Left is the private beach and only guests from Nihiwatu can enter the spot.

From surfing, guests who like to see the beautiful scenery from Nihi Beach underwater, there are professional staff which will train and guide guests to snorkeling the most beautiful spot in Nihi Beach underwater. The other attraction is spearfishing and enjoy the sunset with riding horse at coast of Nihi Beach.

Nihiwatu can categorized as expensive resort because guest must spend starting from 650 US Dollar per night for one bedroom villa to 12.000 US Dollar for Five Bedroom Estate. The price would raise twice when peak season like June to October and December to January. With that price, Nihiwatu still crowded by visitor because Nihiwatu is only offer luxury, comfortability, beautiful scenery of Indies Ocean and opportunity to help local community.