Buying Kuningan’s Tape Ketan For Souvenirs, This How Difference Cooked Or Not

Homecoming through Kuningan Regency, don’t forget to buy its special souvenirs, one of that is Tape Ketan. But the problem is we can’t buy it carelessly. It need special knowledge to choose the cooked well or not.

Erna Soen, manager of Teh Diah, one of largest souvenirs central which crowded by tourist have share few tips in choosing Tape Ketan. She said that in choosing Tape Ketan which cooked or not is depending on tourist taste and need.
Buying Kuningan's Tape Ketan For Souvenirs, This How Difference Cooked Or Not
“The most important think we should know is how differentiate which one have cooked and which one is not. With knowing which one is cooked or not, we can avoid to buy the wrong tape especially if we want to gift it to family or friends,” said Erna.

Every producer should enter the produce date and when the Tape will reach it ripeness. Although there many producer todays, according to Erna there are rarely to find the producer enter the ripeness date, there are only depending on tourist to select the Tape Ketan.

There are few tips we can use to differentiate Kuningan Tape Ketan,

  1. Watery
    Tape Ketan which have reach its ripeness will starting to pull out water result from sticky rice fragmentation. There is a reason why seller have placing this Tape into bucket. The water from this fragmentation is very fresh if drunk and the taste is very sweaty. Often, tourist who like this Tape with high ripeness rate because contain a lot of water.
  2. Sting alcohol smell
    “Water from fragmentation is contain natural alcohol, that’s is why when the Tape more ripeness the alcohol smell would be more stingy,” said Erna. The alcohol smell is very depending in the ripeness rate because the water is outcome from Tape fragmentation. For tourist would spend a long trip, there are not recommended for buying Tape Ketan with high ripeness condition.

    Erna have said that there are few people who buy Tape in ripe condition can’t allow to pass airport because it smells.

  3. More ripe more soft
    Beside the smells, taste and texture is also change following the ripeness of Tape. Tape Ketan which have reached its ripeness will have soft texture. If don’t riped, the texture from the tape would be like hard and rough grain rice. The color itself will become white greenness cause by Katuk leaf.
  4. More ripeness the taste will be more sharply
    Different person have different taste. If you want Tape with strong taste, sweat and more alcoholic, then try a tape which have very ripeness. But if you like a taste which not to strong then try the tape which have ripe of one or two days. “More ripeness the, the taste would be more stronger and sharply,” said Erna

    The ripeness rate from Tape is about 10 for reach its maximum with room temperature. For refrigerator it would take 1 month. If you buy in not fully ripe conditions, you can only put it into bucket for few days because the Tape will fragmented by itself. Don’t forget to close the bucket and place it on room temperature place.