Backpacker To Thousand Island, Just Prepare For 25 Thousands Rupiah

Want have trip to island but the current budget is limited? Easy, you can still have holiday to island although you only have limited money. Especially for you who live at Jakarta and its surrounding, Thousand Island could become your alternative because the island have offering the trip to island without drain our money.
Backpacker To Thousand Island, Just Prepare For 25 Thousands Rupiah
Starting from Januari 2016, there are operate KM Sabuk Nusantara 46. The ship have capacity about 150 person and depart to Untung Jawa Island, Tidung, Pramuka and Kelapa from Sunda Kelapa port. To Use this KM Sabuk Nusantara 46 transportation service, we only charge for 15 thousands rupiah. The charge is totally different if we depart with using boat from Muara Angke which charger for 40 thousands rupiah.

We have noted that the route we must take for visiting to Thousand Island by using KM Sabuk Nusantara is not as much as 25 thousands rupiah. With that cost, tourist can playing sea water and view sun set at one of island at Thousand Island.

The first route you can take is using Transjakarta to main City Bus Stop with 3500 rupiah. The alternative is using for this Transjakarta is using KA Commuter Line which stopped at City Rail Station. From there, we can continue our trip by using public transportation like Mikrolet M15 with Tanjung Priok route. At here we must pay attention this M15 because it has two different route, one to our destination, Tanjung Priok when another one to Mangga Dua. So don’t be take wrong route. The fee for this public transportation is 4000 rupiah.

If you afraid miss your location, you can tell the driver you want to stop at Sunda Kelapa Port. After arrive at the port front gate you will charged for 2500 rupiah each person. This charge is different with boat fee, this is entry gate fee. From the gate, we can walk to the KM Sabuk Nusantara 46 which range about 500 meter from the entry gate. The ticket form KM Sabuk Nusantara 46 can be bought at the counter or buy directly from boat crew above the boat.

If you don’t want to use public transportation, you can use your motorcycle or car and park it at Sunda Kelapa Port Syahbandar Office. The fee for entering the port with using motorcycle is 3 thousands rupiah, car is 4 thousands rupiah and 9 thousands rupiah for bus. The charge is not included with fee for parking your vehicle.