Visit Alor, There is The List Of The Accommodations

As one of sea destinations especially for diving, Alor Regency in East Nusa Tenggara have few place to stay for tourist. Although the accommodation is not so many and most of them have available in the main city which is Kalabahi. The accommodation in Alor is clean enough with the price daftar Sbobet have including with breakfast. There are the list of the accommodation in Alor.

  1. Pulo Alor Hotel
    One of the best hotel in Alor with modern concept. Located in the middle of Kalabahi city which is Mutiara, Mutiara Bay. The hotel have provide facility like refrigerator, Air Conditioner and swimming pool.
  2. Pelangi Indah Hotel
    The hotel is one the first hotel and most popular in Kalabahi, Alor. Located in Diponegoro Street number 34, Kalabahi, Pelangi Indah Hotel have providing air conditioner, television, water heater facility for all the room.
  3. Visit Alor, There is The List Of The Accommodations

  4. CHT Guesthouse
    Although not providing large size room, CHT Guesthouse have providing clean room and have the bathroom inside the bedroom. The facility have met the minimum standard which is air conditioner and television. CHT Guesthouse have located in Jendral Sudirman street, Mutiara Bay, Kalabahi.
  5. Melati Hotel
    The hotel have located in Dr Sutomo street number 1, Kalabahi. This hotel have provide wide room with air conditioner.
  6. Nusa Kenari Indah Hotel
    The hotel have located in very strategic location. This hotel have facility like television and water heater. Located in Pangeran Diponegoro street number 37, Kalabahi. For double room have also added with dinner table, refrigerator and bathub.
  7. Nufitra Hotel
    This hotel have located in Gatot Subroto street number 33, Kalabahi. The concept for this hotel is bungalow which offered more quite sense which very great for tourist who like to relax their mind.
  8. La P’tite Kepa Bungalow and Diving
    Located in Kepa Island, Alor Kecil. This accommodation have using bungalow concept and with its location this is the recommended place for tourist who like to diving. The inn is also very unique because it have been build with Alor local house, Lopo. Beside that this inn is also very eco-friendly.
  9. Alami Alor Dive Resort
    Like La P’tite this accommodation is frequently visited by tourist who like to diving because Sbobet Mobile the resort is near with diving spot. The resort facility like air conditioner. Alami Alor Dive have located at Dewa Wolwal, opposite of Alor Keci.
  10. Alor Divers Eco Resort
    Like its name, this inn have using eco-friendly concept and near with diving spots. The hotel have located in Tengiri Street number 1, Batu, Alor East Beach.

4 Points You Should Concern Before Book Airline Ticket

There are a lot of airline which offered cheap ticket promotion. The price of the ticket could tantalize everyone especially for travelers. However before book daftar togel the ticket here are few important points you should concern especially if you want to travel to abroad.

There are at least 4 points we should consider before book the airline ticket. This is the list,

  1. The Location of the Destination Airport
    There are a lot of tourist who book the ticket to wrong airport. Before booking, there are very wise if you have gather more information about your destination airport. Generally, major city in one country have more than one airport like the example is Jakarta which have two airports which located far each other. Halim Perdanakusuma in East Jakarta and Soekarno Hatta in Cengkareng.

    There is also happen in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand which have two airport which the largest are Suvarnabhumi as the main airport and Don Mueang as the supporting airport. Other city we can find is Tokyo with Narita Airport and Haneda Airport.

    Ensure the location of the airport have adjusted with our destination. Don’t you get be at a loss for finding the public transportation agen togel because the distance between the airport with the hotel too far away.

  2. 4 Points You Should Concern Before Book Airline Ticket

  3. The Transit Time
    There are sure that no one tourist want to transit for long time in one airport except they have some activity in that city. However the short transit time should be also avoided. Imagine if you only have a half hour for transit time in major airports like KLIA in Malaysia or DUbai International Airport in United Arab Emirates which known for their rushing.

    There are recommended to taking the flight with minimum transit time about one hour. There would be more safety if you take the flight with transit time about 2-3 hours. This is very important to anticipate your will miss the flight if your first flight get delayed.

  4. The Airlines
    The low cost carries have offered with cheap ticket price. However, there are better if you view the terms and condition for you baggage and adjust the stuff you carry. If you carry many of stuffs, there are great if you waiting for the full service promo. However if you are backpacker who don’t carry a lot of stuffs then LCC is a great choice.
  5. The Passport Validity
    Before booking the ticket, don’t forget to re-check the validity date of your passport. Generally, tourist have Teman 4D book the ticket from far days without knowing that their passport will be expired soon. The minimum line for passport validity is 6 months. If have reaching 6 months, there are better if you extend the passport validity before book the airline ticket.

Tikus Island, The New Hit Destination In Bengkulu

Who knows, Bengkulu Province have beautiful maritime destination. The destination is called as Tikus Island which located about 10 mil from Bengkulu City. After long time, this destination have become favorite by tourist who visit Bengkulu.

“The request for tour package with destination for Tikus Island have increase continuously especially at weekend and good climate condition in Bengkulu seas,” said Feri Vandalis, Vice Director of CV Wahana Mitra Karya which is the cruise provider to Tikus Island.

The island with wide about 0,6 hectare have preferred by tourist because the location which is near with Bengkulu Island. Tourist is only need to across the island for about 40 minutes using fisherman boat or tourist special ship.
Tikus Island, The New Hit Destination In Bengkulu
Although only have wide about 0,6 hectare, Tikus Island have been supported with coral reefs foundation for about 200 hectares. Visitor have visit the island with one day trip. “Most of the visitor have take the single day visiting package by departure in morning and get back in evening,” said Feri.

Tourist can rent the snorkeling equipment in this island. There are also have snorkeling package which prepare by local people. Visitor is only can pay for 200 thousand rupiah per person with minimum 10 person for every trip if want to visit the coral reefs spot.

One of visitor in Tikus Island, Yayan have said that the maritime tourism package have offered unique experience because it can give visitor chance to interact closer with the ecosystem in this area.

“Generally, tourism in side of the beach is only offered change for enjoy sea from side of beach but in Tikus Island we can interact directly with marine species through snorkeling,” said Yayan.

The Route For Hike Rinjani Mountain Officially Closed Until 31 March

The route for Rinjani Mountain hiking at West Nusa Tenggara have officially closed per date 1 January 2017. The decision have been published through circular letter from Ministry of Environment and Forestry number SE.3/SET/HKSN/Kum.8/12/2016 about situs poker the closing of the route of Rinjani Mountain hiking at Rinjani Mountain National Part.

The letter have been issued by Directorate General Conservation of Natural Resources and Ecosystems of Ministry of Environment and Forestry. That letter have been signed by Secretary General of the Directorate, Herry Subagiadi.

Herry in that letter have explain that the closing of the Rinjani Mountain have considered by the climate condition in Lombok Island especially North Lombok, Central Lombok, East Lombok between January to March 2017 which potential Teman Poker99 have rain with high intensity between 101 mm-400 mm added with strong winds.
The Route For Hike Rinjani Mountain Officially Closed Until 31 March
“That potential have been afraid can endangered the safety from the visitor in Rinjani Mountain,” said Herry in this circular letter.

The closing of the route have been taken to give chance the recovery of the ecosystem along the route of the hiking path. This decision have been apply for all the route of Rinjani Mountain. The route for the hiking route can be taken by hiker in Rinjani Mountain which is Sembalun Village and Senaru Village.

Previously, The Head of Great Hall of Rinjani Mountain National Park, Agus Budi Santosa have said that the closing the rouse generally after coordinating with Meteorlogi, Climatology and Geophysics Agency.

Before this closing, RInjani have been closed at 15 September 2016. This closing akun poker have been taken due to the increase of the Rinjani activity from Level 1 (Normal) to Level 2 (Cautious). The increase of the Rinjani activity have related with the eruption of Barujari Mountain which still in the territory of Rinjani Mountain National Park.

Rinjani have recorded as one of active mountain in Indonesia. Located in Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara with the peak on the height about 3.726 meters above sea level.

For The First Time, Pelni Have Celebrate New Year Eve On The Ship

PT Pelni have held the celebration of New Year Eve on the KM Umsini. There are 526 passenger which consisting 200 passenger of KM Umsini and 326 passenger who apply for join the celebration will celebrate the New Year Eve in the water of Thousand Islands or Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta.

“The ideas have appeared about two years ago. Pelni is not only targeting the passenger Because the passenger have decrease every year about 1 percent. Due to that we have change our mindset with targeting other consumer category,” said Manager of Communication and Instance of PT Pelni, Akhmad Sujadi at Tanjung Priok Port, Jakarta.
For The First Time, Pelni Have Celebrate New Year Eve On The Ship
The celebration of New Year Eve is the first time using KM Umsini. “We have choose KM Umsini because there are accidentally this ship schedule have coincided with this event. So 200 passenger of this ship will participate this celebration and don’t disturb the schedule from departure and arrival of the passenger,” said Akhmad.

KM Umsini have sail from Tanjung Priok Port at Saturday, 31 December 2017 5 PM to water of Thousand Islands for celebrating the New Year Eve. The Ship will back to Tanjung Priok Port about 1.30 AM Sunday.

There are various exciting events have prepared by the Pelni to entertain passengers in this New Year Eve like face painting, photo booth, enjoying the sun set, dinner, a lot of games and fireworks performance. for the price, adult will charge for Rp 500.000 when children is only Rp 250.000.