A Part Of Majapahit History In Trowulan Museum

Far before Indonesia have established as republic, there already have known as Nusantara. Nusantara in here is addressed for Kingdom Majapahit which stand at 13th century.
A Part Of Majapahit History In Trowulan Museum
Although its territory is still in debate but there are undeniable that Majapahit is one of most largest kingdom in ancient Indonesia. Majapahit which reach its glory when ruled by king Hayam Wuruk and Patih Gajah Mada have become history but the history still can bee seen at Trowulan Museum at Mojokerto, East java.

The museum have split into 7 exhibition room which every room have different category. It can be said that, museum have complete Majapahit collection because the Trowulan is stand in the area which investigate as the central of Majapahit government. The assumption have been proven by museum location which located near with few Majapahit heritage site like Segaran Jon Pool, Tikus Temple, Bajang Ratu Temple, Brahu Temple, Gentong Temple, Wringin Lawang Temple and Minak Jinggo Temple.

Until today, there are still activity in those site which manage by Trowulan Museum. The museum have opened from 7 morning o’clock to 3 o’clock afternoon. Inside the museum the collection is various which almost of them are the result from excavation of Majapahit site.

Trowulan Museum have also provide some staff who will help visitor with information and explanation about the collection. For the ticket fee, museum have charged visitor with 5 thousands rupiah per person. Inside the the yard of museum, there are also have some counter which provide special culinary of Trowulan, Mojokerto. The yard have also function as place for riding bicycle.