6 Mistakes Which Frequently We Do At Airport

When traveling using plane, there are few things we could miss as tourist. Even though, those things are enough to make your travel easier and more effective.

There are 6 mistake which we frequently made when at airport,

  1. Not Download Airline Application
    Airline application is very important for booking a ticket, online check in to collect boarding pass. With airline application, you can save much time in booking airline ticket. Beside airline, airport application is also very important to be downloaded. The application can help you in getting newest information about the airport. Before getting to airport, you can check the application to know plane schedule. Maybe your flight have been delayed or canceled.
    6 Mistakes Which Frequently We Do At Airport
    One of the famous application is GateGuru. The application have more than 200 airport around the world including facility and restaurant list.
  2. Not Online Check In
    Online checking is a facility which provide by every airline to ease our travel. We only need to check-in through phone or gadget, and then you can choose the seat you want. After that you will directly getting a boarding pass. This very efficient and ease our trip because we not need to waiting at check in queue which frequently snaking.

    If you carried baggage, you can still using online check in. When arrive at airport, you can directly go to drop baggage counter. Few airline like AirAsia have using standalone ticket machine which will help you to print boarding pass directly.

  3. Not Take Food Supplies
    At airport, you can find a restaurant or minimarket. However there is ascertained the price would more expensive many times than the standard. That is very logic if you take glut snack. Take a
    snacks like biscuit or snack bar. Taking a snack would also very helpful when all the restaurant at airport have full with passengers.
  4. Not Keep The Accessories
    Use the most comfortable clothes when you want to travel with airplane. Keep all the accessories before you have getting into queue in to checking gate. When checked, you will asked to take down all accessories starting from ring, bracelet, necklace, belt, watch, hat and jacket. To save time, there is recommended for you to use all the accessories when you have at departure gate.
  5. Not Have Good Behave
    When at one place that is very important to have good behave because there is a part of good manners. Frequently when checked by authorities, many people have show improperly behave like uncooperative behave. When asked to open your baggage, you should show cooperative attitude to do it.

    If you have carry baggage over the capacity, you should paid the fee according tho the regulation. Don’t ever fight against the regulation because it is only place you in more complicated position.

  6. Not Place Sign to you Baggage
    There are hundreds of baggage in one flight. There very possible to find your suitcase and bag have similar with our passenger. This have happened with gift which we have package into box. To avoid this problem there is very recommended if you put a sign into the baggage like unique ribbon color. You should don’t want your baggage have switched with other passenger.