4 Points You Should Concern Before Book Airline Ticket

There are a lot of airline which offered cheap ticket promotion. The price of the ticket could tantalize everyone especially for travelers. However before book daftar togel the ticket here are few important points you should concern especially if you want to travel to abroad.

There are at least 4 points we should consider before book the airline ticket. This is the list,

  1. The Location of the Destination Airport
    There are a lot of tourist who book the ticket to wrong airport. Before booking, there are very wise if you have gather more information about your destination airport. Generally, major city in one country have more than one airport like the example is Jakarta which have two airports which located far each other. Halim Perdanakusuma in East Jakarta and Soekarno Hatta in Cengkareng.

    There is also happen in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand which have two airport which the largest are Suvarnabhumi as the main airport and Don Mueang as the supporting airport. Other city we can find is Tokyo with Narita Airport and Haneda Airport.

    Ensure the location of the airport have adjusted with our destination. Don’t you get be at a loss for finding the public transportation agen togel because the distance between the airport with the hotel too far away.

  2. 4 Points You Should Concern Before Book Airline Ticket

  3. The Transit Time
    There are sure that no one tourist want to transit for long time in one airport except they have some activity in that city. However the short transit time should be also avoided. Imagine if you only have a half hour for transit time in major airports like KLIA in Malaysia or DUbai International Airport in United Arab Emirates which known for their rushing.

    There are recommended to taking the flight with minimum transit time about one hour. There would be more safety if you take the flight with transit time about 2-3 hours. This is very important to anticipate your will miss the flight if your first flight get delayed.

  4. The Airlines
    The low cost carries have offered with cheap ticket price. However, there are better if you view the terms and condition for you baggage and adjust the stuff you carry. If you carry many of stuffs, there are great if you waiting for the full service promo. However if you are backpacker who don’t carry a lot of stuffs then LCC is a great choice.
  5. The Passport Validity
    Before booking the ticket, don’t forget to re-check the validity date of your passport. Generally, tourist have Teman 4D book the ticket from far days without knowing that their passport will be expired soon. The minimum line for passport validity is 6 months. If have reaching 6 months, there are better if you extend the passport validity before book the airline ticket.