Go To Buton And Enjoy The Widest Fort In The World

Generally the fort have been made as a defense against enemy attact. But there are a very unique thing in Buton, Southeast Sulawesi, there are a fort as the place for people settlement. That fort have known as Keraton Buton Fort.

“So in the past, Buton People have live at seaside, there are a lot of pirate. One of the most famous pirate is the one eyed pirate, Labolontio. To avoid and fight against the pirate, local people have move to higher place and agree to build the new settlement together with is fortification,” said tour guide La Ode M. Adam Vatiq.
Go To Buton And Enjoy The Widest Fort In The World
According to La Ode, in the beginning this fort have build with pineapple lumber which good against termite and insects. The building process have started at 1613 and the beginning concept have been finished 10 years later. Since that time, this fort haven continuously repaired and enlarge to reach the current wide about 22,8 hectare.

This fort can be categorized as fantastic fort because the fort have been listed to become the widest fort in the world according to Indonesia Record Museum and Guiness Book of Record at 2006. Until today, Keraton Buton Fort still become the local people settlement.

“The fort’s function have two, the first is of the settlement and the second one is for burial ground,” said La Ode. There are 3 categorize people who live in the Keraton Buton Fort which is Kawumu which known as royal family, Malaka which is tradition council and Papara or the ordinary people.

Inside the fort there are 12 door and 16 bastion or the curve to place cannon. Each bastion and door have its own name. Inside the fort there are a lot of old building which have history value like Batu Popaua which the place for inauguration from new Buton Sultan, Buton Great Mosque and previous Sultan Murhum Tomb.

For visiting Keraton Buton, the perfect time is morning to afternoon because we can see the scenery from above the fort which covering all the Bau Bau city with wide sea.

Going To Belitung? This Is The Hotel Choices

Going to Belitung at weekend can become a great choice. You can try a lot of tourism destination starting from history, culture, nautical to culinary.

As the example, we can have travel around the island from the Tanjung Pandan Beach, Lengkuas Island Beach, Batu Garuda Beach and back to Belitung which can be spend in one day. Having travel to Belitung city is also very great if you have taste Belitung noodles and Belitung coffee at evening.
There are very logic when travel to Belitung, you need the the hotel. There are few hotel at Belitung which can be choose when visiting Belitung,

  1. BW Aston Hotel
    Hotel BW Aston have located at Pattimura Street, Tanjung Pandan, Belitung. BW Aston have offered the facility of four star hotel. The price of the room which offered by BW Aston Hotel have about Rp 950.000 to Rp 19.000.000.
  2. Grand Hatika
    Grand Hatika Hotel have located at Kemuning Street A16, Tanjung Pandan, Belitung. This hotel have also featured with four stars hotel facility. For the rent, Grand Hatika have charge about Rp 750.000 to Rp 4.500.000.
  3. Bahamas Hotel Resort
    The Bahamas Hotel Resort have located at Pattimura Air Saga street number 1, Tanjung Pandan, Belitung. Different with Grand Hatika and BW Aston, Bahamas Hotel Resort is only offered three stars hotel facility. The rent is about Rp 695.000 to Rp 1.900.000.
  4. Grand Pelangi Hotel
    Grand Pelangi hote have located at Pattimura street, Tanjung Pandan, Belitung. Grand Pelangi have offered facility equal to three stars hotel. The charge is relative cheaper than Bahamas which about Rp 450.000 to Rp 1.500.000 per night.
  5. Biliton Hotel
    Biliton hotel is also located at Pattimura street Tanjung Pandan, Belitung. Biliton Hotel have offered three stars hotel facility. The rent is also equal with Grand Pelangi Hotel which about Rp 450.000 to Rp 1.500.000.

This Is The Time For Trying Favorite Dish From Sultan HB IX

Today, you don’t need to get into Yogyakarta if you would like to try the favorite dish from ancient Java Kings. At Kampoeng Legenda, Ciputra Mall, Jakarta have been held an event from 10 to 21 August 2016 which will offer you a special dish of Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat.

The Bale Raos Restaurant is the restaurant which will serve you with this special dish of Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat. The restaurant have opened a stand at this event and carried 10 favorite menu from Yogyakarta to Jakarta.
This Is The Time For Trying Favorite Dish From Sultan HB IX
The 10 menus which bring by Bale Raos are Gudeg Manggar Set, Betak Ayam, Wonosari Red Rice, Java Bestik, Gecok Ganem, Bestik Lidah, Beer Djawa, Manuk Nom, Beras Kencur and Prawan Kenes. Few of those menus like Java Bestik, Bestik Lidah and Gecok Ganem is the favorite dish from Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX.

From those dish, the most unique is Gecok Ganem which the favorite dish for Yogyakarta people at 1950’s although today is quiet rare to be found. Gecok Ganem is a meatball which made from beef and formed into round shape and serve with a soup.

Gecok Ganem is very different with standard meatballs. Gecok Ganem meatballs is not contain a lot of flour in its composition. Gecok Ganem have serve with white colored soup which remember us with sayur lodeh. When tasted, the soup have similar taste with sayur lodeh. The similarity have also shown by the additional red and green chili. The different between the soup with sayur lodeh is on the additional tomato which can be found on the soup. The tomato have made the soup is more freshly.

To eat Gecok Ganem, we can get rice to accompany this dish although few visitors have said it is not suitable for use rice to accompany Gecok Ganem due to the taste of the soup is quite lightly and would end up tasteless. Gecok Ganem is more suitable to place as appetizer than main course.

To have this dish, you only need to spend about 25 thousand Rupiah for one portion. The other menu at Bale Raos is also quite friendly and affordable, starting from 10 thousands to 100 thousands rupiah.

On the event, visitors should using Brizzi card for the payment which can be buy on the location. The event have opened from 10 morning o’clock to all the food have run out.

Dieng Tourism Area Will Be Reorganized

Dieng Plateu Tourism Area at Banjarnegara and Wonosobo Regency, Central Java will be reorganized said, Central Governor, Ganjar Pranowo.

“Banjarnegara and Wonosobo don’t be compete. There would be a entrance from Batang which will make Dieng can be organized together by both of regency as one tourism area,” said Ganjar Pranowo when visiting Ruwatan Anak Berambut Gimbal Procession which is the main event from Dieng Culture Festival VII at Arjuna Temple complex, Banjarnegara, Sunday 7 August 2016.
Dieng Tourism Area Will Be Reorganized
Due to that, said Ganjar, In future the entrance ticket for entering Dieng Plateu Tourism Area would be only charged one times using season tickets.

He have also confirmed that there are a lot of complaints about the tickets which relative unaffordable to entering Dieng because there are a lot of ticket charged. When asking about the planning for develop Dieng as one of main destination, Ganjar have said that currently the booster for tourism destination have been started.

At Central Java, there are 4 main destination which is Karimun Java, Dieng, Borobudur Temple and Sangiran which have included into Joglosemar Development Area. Joglosemar is a acronym for government tourism project around Yogyakarta, Solo and Semarang.

Joglosemar have become one of tourism destination which have become priority by Indonesia Government beside Bali Island. “Yesterday, all the consultant who have win the bidding have met with me. They have explain what they want to do and have done at Karimun Java, Dieng, Borobudur and Sangiran. We hope, next year would be seen the progress,” said Ganjar.

The Visit From Foreign Tourist To East Nusa Tenggara Have Increase

The visit of foreign tourist to East Nusa Tenggara Province have gain the positive trends which increase significant since Komodo Dragon Island at West Manggarai have been choose by Central Government as one of 10 main tourism destination which will developed by Government in 2016.
The Visit From Foreign Tourist To East Nusa Tenggara Have Increase
The Head of Tourism and Creative Economic Agency from East Nusa Tenggara Regional Goverment, Marius Ardu Jelamu have said than since the beginning of 2016 to July there were recorded about 14 thousands foreign tourist have visit East Nusa Tenggara at Agency offce in Kupang Thursday, 4 August 2016.

That amount have have rise about 15 percent according to Marius if compare to the amount of tourist visiting in similar period at 2015. “All the tourist, generally come through entrance of Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai Regency Capital by using Denpasar-Labuan Bajo flight or flight through Denpasar to El Tari Airport at Kupang,” said Marius.

Marius have explained that majority of tourist have come from Labuan Rajo have spend their tour by visiting Komodo Dragon Island and other nature tour at west end of Flores Island like Rinca Island, Waerebo and Bena Village at Ngada the to Ende, Maumere, East Flores and Lembata.

For Tourist who get through El Tari Airport at Kupang will continue their tour to Rote Island, Sabu, Alor and Sumba. “There also need to inform that free visa policy from government have also supporting and trigger the increase of tourist visit especially in East Nusa Tenggara because people from various country can easily to get in and visit every tourism spot in East Nusa Tenggara,” said Marius.

“The increase of foreign tourist visit to East Nusa Tenggara have affected to the local people economy growth and can add regional earnings from tourism sector,” added Marius.

Marius have hoped, East Nusa Tenggara people can utilize this moment by making some local handcraft to attract tourist to buy it.