What Is Different Between Culinary Vacation And Gastronomy Vacation?

Culinary vacation is the event for tourist to try special culinary from one area have become ordinary thing and many of tourist have like do this culinary vacation. However, have you ever hear about gastronomy vacation?

Gastronomy vacation could be sound unfamiliar in Indonesia. The term of gastronomy tourism have been widely known in abroad. However if interpreted, according Hall and Shraples (2003) which have been concluded by United Nation World Tourism Organization, the gastronomy tourism is a trip which related with food and culinary in some regional or area as the main recreation.

Gastronomy tourism have including visiting the main food producer, food festival event, farmers market, cooking and demonstration event along with trying quality food product and other tourism activity related with food.
What Is Different Between Culinary Vacation And Gastronomy Vacation?
In other words, food tourism have giving experience and result from the process of learning different culture. Currently, culinary is not only about food we consume but have become one of characteristic and attribute which related with tourism products.

The lecturer for Gastronomy Food Study at Trisakti Tourism College, Zayyini Nahdlah give example about gastronomy tourism to help us to understand different between gastronomy tourism and culinary tourism.

“The example is visiting paddy field and then learning to plant paddy and fishing fish in the pool. In the end from that, learning cooking with local method. Like cooking using furnace and local and eating together using local people way with local people. Then, there are chef who can explain about the reason of the food is more healthy together with culture for local food,” said Zayyini.

According to Zayyini, Indonesian people, especially in regional level have starting the process about gastronomy tourism. Unfortunately, there are many thing still unknown like the explanation about the food philosophy. “We already have it, but still unrealized and not packaged as gastronomy. If it has packaged, it can been sold and people would understand and known it,” said Zayyini.

Event though, continue Zayyini, gastonomy tourism have close relation with tourism sector and there certainly can provide income for tourism business.

“Gastronomy is not related to enjoy the food. Moreover people in this modern day have want to live healthily. So many European tourist have preferred to looking gastronomy tourism not culinary tourism because with gastronomy tourism they will know the source of the food,” said Zayyini.

Minister of Tourism : Aceh Have Change To Develop Halal Tourism

Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya have said that Aceh Province is one of region in Indonesia which have change to develop halal tourism.

“Currently, there are three provinces in Indonesia which have change to develop halal tourism and one of them are Aceh,” said Arief Yahya when opening coordinating meeting for culture and tourism sbobet mobile with tagline ‘Aceh as Main Halal Tourism’ in Banda Aceh.

According to Arief, the potential should be explored properly by this province with population about 5 millions people. One of that is giving the best service for every guest who come visiting Aceh.
Minister of Tourism : Aceh Have Change To Develop Halal Tourism
The minister have also said to optimize this halal tourism, there should be starting from halal certification in all subject like service and access with the support from every stakeholders. “Acen have not including in national tourism destination area and I believe with program and progress which have started today, Aceh would take part as national tourism destination. There would very great if Aceh have selected in World Halal Tourism,” said Arief.

According to Minister or Tourism, government have made tourism sector as main sector and for optimize this sector, other ministry have also take a part in supporting this sector to become one of main national income.

“The seriousness from every are in building the sector can be seen in the every region budget allocation for this sector,” said Arief. He have also explain that there are few daftar sbobet strategic steps which can be used to create and develop the Aceh icon together with promoting Indonesia main tourism destination.

Arief have also underline the availability of hotel and restaurant with halal certificate in Aceh. He also all the businessman who have main business in hotel and restaurant to improve their business quality. Arief don’t forget to ask all stakeholder to work together in improving infrastructure and other halal tourism requirement like visa, information, services, attractions and increasing the capacity from accessibility.

The last, Areif have added that tourism would bring prosperity to all people and halal tourism have large market so it is valuable klik here.

Lion Air Will Open Route From Philippines To Manado

National Low Cost Carrier, Lion Air have planned to open the new Teman Judi route from Philippines to Manado in the end of 2016. Lion Air will fly from Davao City and Cebu to Manado.

“We will open the flight from Philippines to Manado. This is the part of strategy we have to attract tourist in pools. In Davao and Cebu, there are millions of foreign tourist,” said Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya.
The opening for this route have been appear due to the foreign tourist potential from those two cities. According to Arief, those cities have become the destination for tourist from China, Japan and Korea.

“The flight to Manado is about more than an hour. There are very great if we open up the flight from Davao and Cebu. I have go to China, Japan and Korea. They have get to Davao and Cebu. We will attract them to go to Manado with Lion Air,” said Arief.

The owner of Lion Air Group, Rusdi Kirana when confirmed have said the route from Davao and Cebu to Manado will start to operate in the end of 2016. He added that route of Cebu to Manado is also gain benefit with the availability of flight Teman Poker99 from Korea to Cebu.

“We only have cooperate with a flight from Korea, Jeju Airlines. Mr. Arief Yahya have go to there, I have also know the head director of that airline. We will combine the package with Korea route. With the slowest flight about one and half hour, they won’t reject to fly to other country like Indonesia and other city like Manado.

He added that Cebu and Davao to Manado route will serve by Lion Air with Boeing 737-900 Teman 4D which have capacity about 215 seats. Currently, that planning have in finishing conversation between Indonesia and Philippines.

How To Determine Backpack Size For Hiking

Hiking or mount climbing is require proper preparation. The bag like backpack is very important but when we have talk about hiking or mount climbing the backpack is not the ordinary backpack. When choosing a backpack, we would face various size of backpack and the size have mark in liters.

There are few way to determine backpack size to hiking which shared by Guide of Consina Mount Climbing and Hiking, Virgo Dirgantara and Brand Ambassador Eiger, Noerhuda,

  • Know the hiking or climbing duration
    Before buying the backpack for hiking, we should know how long the hiking will be spend or taken. The duration of 1 to 2 days is quite different with hiking with duration 6 days. “The most general backpack is 45 liters for 3 days hiking. Above 45 liters there are 75 liters for more than 6 days and the smallest is 20 liters for below 3 days hiking duration,” said Noerhuda.

    The backpack with small size like 20 or 28 liters could uncomfortable used for hiking with long duration like 6 days.

  • Items will be taken
    Items which will carry have influenced the size of the backpack. The equipments and tools for hiking is relative require a lot of space. Noerhuda have said that there are trend of ultra light hiking which not require to carry a lot of item like ordinary hiking. Ultra light hiking is a way of hiking which focus on carry tools and supply with minimum weight without remove the most important functions from those tools and supplies.
    How To Determine Backpack Size For Hiking
    Items carried for hiking two different characteristic mountains can influence the backpack. As the example is hiking in mountain with standard temperature or quite high would make us to carry thinner sleeping bag and it also work vice versa.
  • Know the mountain will be climbed or hiked
    Knowing the mountain the mountain characteristic would be quite helpful because it can be the factor in choosing backpack. Climbing the snowy mountain is very different with tropical mountain. In snowy mountain, the items will be used is quite bigger but lighter than tropical mountains.
  • Body weight
    Choosing the backpack size if also determine by your body weight. The best one is the backpack which can carry weight about third from your weight. If you have weight about 60 kg then the bag should be can carry about 20 kg.

    This backpack weight formula have been used to avoid injury on our back due to carry heavy backpack because there are few cases of hiker which get injury by carry heavy backpack when hiking.

  • Trip partners
    The size of the backpack which use by your partners or friends could be consideration factor. This is cause by hiking mountain habitually is a group activity and the logistic from the hiking should be distribute evenly to every member from the group.

    The best size is 60 liters. The 60 liters size can be used for hiking with short distance like 2-3 days or it can be 6 days as long as the distribution of the item is even between the other member in the trip.

Go To Buton And Enjoy The Widest Fort In The World

Generally the fort have been made as a defense against enemy attact. But there are a very unique thing in Buton, Southeast Sulawesi, there are a fort as the place for people settlement. That fort have known as Keraton Buton Fort.

“So in the past, Buton People have live at seaside, there are a lot of pirate. One of the most famous pirate is the one eyed pirate, Labolontio. To avoid and fight against the pirate, local people have move to higher place and agree to build the new settlement together with is fortification,” said tour guide La Ode M. Adam Vatiq.
Go To Buton And Enjoy The Widest Fort In The World
According to La Ode, in the beginning this fort have build with pineapple lumber which good against termite and insects. The building process have started at 1613 and the beginning concept have been finished 10 years later. Since that time, this fort haven continuously repaired and enlarge to reach the current wide about 22,8 hectare.

This fort can be categorized as fantastic fort because the fort have been listed to become the widest fort in the world according to Indonesia Record Museum and Guiness Book of Record at 2006. Until today, Keraton Buton Fort still become the local people settlement.

“The fort’s function have two, the first is of the settlement and the second one is for burial ground,” said La Ode. There are 3 categorize people who live in the Keraton Buton Fort which is Kawumu which known as royal family, Malaka which is tradition council and Papara or the ordinary people.

Inside the fort there are 12 door and 16 bastion or the curve to place cannon. Each bastion and door have its own name. Inside the fort there are a lot of old building which have history value like Batu Popaua which the place for inauguration from new Buton Sultan, Buton Great Mosque and previous Sultan Murhum Tomb.

For visiting Keraton Buton, the perfect time is morning to afternoon because we can see the scenery from above the fort which covering all the Bau Bau city with wide sea.